The most scandalous top models

The most scandalous top models

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Rumors and scandals are an integral part of show business. For such persons, life is unthinkable without a constant presence in the news columns.

The more significant and famous the model, the more people talk about it. The most scandalous top models in history will be discussed below.

Anna Nicole Smith. The tragedy and death of the top model became an excellent reason for staging a play about this. In 2011, the Royal Opera House of Great Britain was even preparing to stage an opera about the life of Anna Nicole Smith. There are also frank passionate scenes, a love of money and drugs, a thirst for fame. There is as much of all this in the performance as it was in the life of the top model. Her biography is well known, Anna Nicole's addictions and scandals were recorded in chronological order. After another plastic surgery, the star's breasts grew to a mind-blowing size DD. In one of the strip clubs, the beauty was noticed by the old billionaire Howard Marshall. The beauty of the beauty did not remain noticed not only by him, but also by photographers. Anna-Nicole hit the cover of Playboy and was named Model of the Year. 90-year-old Marshall married a sexy blonde, and 13 months later she shared his fortune with the heirs in court. The model was left with millions, but lost her only son. He died of a drug overdose. In 2006, the model managed to give birth to a daughter from her ex-fiancé and to marry her lawyer. The last days of the stars were shrouded in scandal. They said that, while staying in the Bahamas in the last days of her life, she managed to have an affair with the local minister, even their joint photo remained on the bed with pink flowers and white ribbons. The death of the star occurred due to an overdose of drugs against the background of depression, weakening of the body. Even after the death of the model, she found herself embroiled in a scandal - for a whole month her relatives were arguing about where to bury her, besides, the ubiquitous paparazzi filmed the body of a deceased woman. And the opera about the life of Anna Nicole itself will shock the audience.

Kate Moss. In 2005, the world saw another laid-back photo shoot of this top model. Only this time, Kate Moss, sitting on the couch and throwing one leg over the other, played with tracks of white powder. The modeling career has hung in the balance. Nobody wanted to associate their name with an elite, but a drug addict. Chanel, H&M, Burberry, Roberto Cavalli broke off contracts with Moss. Even the police said there would be an investigation into the star's lifestyle. As a result, Kate Moss decided on a serious act that contradicted her instincts - she publicly apologized and repented. It was enough to forgive the top model. Soon, the top brands were queuing again to work with her. Newspapers wrote about her that Moss is not a movie or music star, she is not the first lady, but she is allowed everything and even a little more. These words can be considered the epigraph of her whole life. The modeling career began unexpectedly - at 14, she was sent by her father for cigarettes, and she was accidentally seen by agent Sarah Dukas. Soon, Kate had already posed naked for Calvin Klein in his Obsession ad, her lovers were like one drug addict, she fought with Johnny Depp himself, was in a coma from an overdose, sang songs with the main heroin addict of London Pete Doherty. The Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris was supposed to host an exhibition of Kate Moss, which did not take place due to lack of funds. Currently, the top model has recovered from her addiction and got married. Her life improved and calmed down. Only biographers and fans are expecting new scandals from Kate.

Naomi Campbell. Black Panther was constantly involved in scandals. She was complained about by a servant who was beaten by the top model. In 2010, Naomi found herself embroiled in yet another high-profile case. This time it was about blood diamonds. The top model became famous for her love of expensive jewelry. One day she could not resist the temptation to accept a few uncut stones as a gift. Soon, because of this, Naomi found herself embroiled in a bloody showdown of the former President of Liberia, Charles Taylor. The court even threatened the black beauty with seven years in prison if she refuses to tell the truthful version of what happened. As a result, the model confessed to the source of the origin of her jewelry, calling them in anger "a handful of dirty stones." I must say that such honesty was periodically noted for Naomi and earlier. Once a perfume company filed a lawsuit against her, accusing her of stealing millions of dollars. Cases of beatings became commonplace for Campbell. The top model acquitted herself in court, calling what happened to the chauffeurs, maids and photographers just an "accident." The scandalous top model was sentenced to fines, anger taming courses, and corrective community service. The star has calmed down recently only thanks to an affair with the Russian oligarch Vladislav Doronin.

Regina Zbarskaya. Some top models lead a secular life, and there are those who are involved in politics. In 2009, a picture was released that tells about the famous fashion model of the 1960s Regina Zbarskaya. She was also called the Soviet Mata Hari, because she collaborated with both foreign intelligence and the KGB. Some circumstances of the life of this amazing woman are still unclear. As a result, one has to be content with rumors and myths. They say that Regina was a provincial girl who came to conquer Moscow. She was able to get into the Model House on Kuznetsky Most and quickly became a leading fashion model. The famous beauty married Lev Zbarsky, a famous metropolitan dandy. He brought Regina into the upper world. Zbarskaya was called "the Russian Sophia Loren", her rivals envied her, and the Western press admired her beauty. And the model herself dreamed not of fame, but of an ordinary strong family. An unsuccessful pregnancy and her husband's betrayal led her to antidepressants, a psychiatric hospital ... Regina herself left the modeling life. Her last love was a Yugoslav journalist who wrote a scandalous book about Zbarskaya. There was a place for her denunciations and reports to the KGB, love stories. After that, she was able to return to her native Model House only as a cleaner. Such scandalous fame prevented Regina from living, as a result, the most famous Soviet model committed suicide by swallowing antidepressants. Until now, the legends about the beauty of the model coexist with rumors about her underground activities.

Gia Carangi. In 1998, a film about the most scandalous fashion model of the 1970s was released in the world. The main role was played by Angelina Jolie, so convincingly that it gave a huge impetus to her future career. That film shocked everyone, as did the fate of Gia herself, who lived so little. True, it was precisely in the transience of the model's life that the interest in her was. Gia Maria Carangi quickly became a supermodel, became addicted to drugs and died at the age of 26. The script didn't have to be invented. An important place was taken by maternal tenderness, which the girl did not receive. Indeed, despite all her intimate relationships, including with other women, Gia never quenched her thirst for love. The model has experienced incredible success - the most famous photographers wore her in their arms, she was idolized by Arthur Elgort and Richard Avedon. The girl was strewn with money, but this did not bring her happiness. Jia's short life was filled with drug scandals, she disrupted the shooting and fell asleep right in front of the cameras, the girl rushed around the house and streets in search of another dose of heroin. The last months of his life were unknown to the general public. The film "Gia" said that the model went down, went into prostitution to make money on drugs. For her convincing role as a scandalous model, Angelina Jolie was awarded the Golden Globe Award.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. By 2010, British model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley had been appearing at New York Fashion Week for 6 years. Designer Nicole Miller even named the girl the new Kate Moss. It turned out that the compliment turned out to be quite prophetic. Rosie, who shone earlier in the Victoria's Secret show, received a contract with Burberry. A promising English actor Sam Riley worked with her on the set. He became famous for his role as the drug-addicted musician of the Joy Division in the film Control. The joint photo shoot of Rosie and Sam was shot by Mario Testino, it became one of the best in the history of the brand, as well as the promotional video. Rosie was already anticipating fame, when suddenly scandalous photos appeared on the Internet. They showed how she, along with her model friends Alexandra Rastovitz and Jennifer Pugh, used drugs. Burberry immediately terminated Rosie's contract. This brand is "lucky" with drug-addicted models, because earlier Kate Moss was also seen in this. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has a distinguished lineage, her lineage originates from Queen Victoria. The model considers what happened to her a coincidence, denying the fact of taking drugs. Now she is considered the second Kate Moss, drawing drug parallels. Rosie does not get tired of repeating that she does not consider herself the new Kate Moss, she does not want to be anything at all but herself.

Carla Bruni. Former fashion model Carla Bruni made a good career - she managed to become the first lady of France. However, this did not save her from a series of scandals. In 2010, one of them also affected the first lady of the United States, Miguel Obama. Mrs Sarkozy, in her autobiography Carla and Ambition, told about the words Michelle once said to her in private. Allegedly, the wife of Barack Obama said that life in the White House seems like hell to her. Michelle herself renounced such words. Only now an unpleasant aftertaste remained. A once successful modeling career turned into scandals for Carla Bruni later. On the Internet, photographs of the First Lady in the "nude" style immediately appeared and were reproduced - someone managed to steal them. It got to the point that the head of the Roman Catholic Church, Pope Benedict XVI, refused to even shake the woman's hand, while Queen Elizabeth was shocked by Karla's frank conversations. Recently, the French company Pardon began selling bags with a black and white image of the president's wife. Only now the pictures were part of a nude photo session back in 1993, where Karla worked as a model. The bags could be purchased at a ridiculous price of 3 euros, but the former model has filed a claim for a much more impressive amount. But the organizer of the auction "Christie's" were able to make good money on intimate pictures of Karla, who mysteriously got to them. However, there is no doubt that an intimate scandal will not stop and intimidate the First Lady.

Janice Dickinson. When interest in a person subsides, there is only one way out - to start writing memoirs. The former American top model told the tabloid newspaper "The Sun" about her crazy youth, which became a loud scandal. The model admitted that she slept with more than a thousand men. Mick Jagger, Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis and Dolph Lundgren have been in her arms. Janice also seduced many women. She said that she was just a wild model who loved crazy sex. All celebrities were looking for communication with her. The model said that she once had a threesome with singer Grace Jones and actor Dolph Lundgren, but she doesn't remember the details, because they were all under the influence of drugs. True, now the brunette claims that she has changed her lifestyle, because she has children. The 53-year-old woman said that she became the first top model in the world to have sex in church, and even in a nun's costume. With her was a famous Italian director who pretended to be a priest. Janice herself regularly appeared on the first pages of gloss in the 70s-80s. And the model met her famous lovers in the famous Studio 54 nightclub in New York. Then no one knew about AIDS and some had sex right in the club. People came to parties with spoons of cocaine that came straight from South America. Now the mother of two has given up on the stormy life, in memory of the stormy days, she has artificial breasts, liposuction, skin tightening and botox. The star's confessions became scandalous that she "helped" her father die. Janice threw his pills out of the ambulance as the unfortunate man was being taken to the hospital, where he died.

Thylane Blondeau. This professional model has been engaged in her craft since she was 4 years old, so by her 10 years she had already managed to appear in many magazines and advertising campaigns. A girl was born in Cote d'Ivoire. Her mother was a TV presenter, photographer and children's fashion designer. It was thanks to her that Tilan managed to become the highest paid young model on the planet. Everyone admired the naive look, childish curls and doll dresses. However, the last photo session of the 10-year-old model caused a scandal. Pictures were published by French Vogue. Tilan is dressed in defiant adult clothes, with non-childish makeup and hair. These photos were deliberately sexy, which shocked everyone. It didn't help that Tom Ford himself was the editor of that issue. After all, the fight against pedophilia is being tightened all over the world, persecuting erotic and pornographic products with children. And the models in advertising are getting younger and younger. The public judged that this photo session infringed on the rights of the child, because the girl was forced to act in full make-up, walk in heels and wear dresses with a deep neckline.

Linda Evangelista. The Canadian top model has become one of the supermodels of the 90s. Linda became the first model to be offered money just for the sake of her presence at the event. She uttered the legendary phrase that she would not even get out of bed for less than 10 thousand dollars. The Evangelista has always been quite capricious. If other models easily agreed to interviews, then she behaved wary and distrustful. A high-profile scandal involving Linda erupted in 2012. It turns out that in 2005-2006 she met with François-Henri Pinault, the owner of the brands Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent. The result of a short love was the son of Augustine. Having learned about the pregnancy of a girlfriend, the man decided to break off the relationship. For Linda herself, this was the last chance to have a child. And the tycoon immediately began an affair with actress Salma Hayek. For five years, the model hid the name of the real father, finally announcing it and demanding from Pino $ 46,000 a month to support her son. The father himself persuaded Linda not to publicize the fact of his involvement. Such a statement by Linda became scandalous, the new wife of the oligarch, Salma Hayek, decided that she was simply being revenged. After all, François-Henri ultimately chose her. A showdown between two famous and most beautiful women for the sake of a man is a real scandal and a tidbit for the press.

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