Male Scandinavian names

Male Scandinavian names

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Absalon is the father of the world
Adalstein - a noble stone
Agne - the edge of the sword
Alpha - elf
Alvis - wise, all-knowing
Anders - man, warrior
Anlaf - the heir of the ancestors
Arkell - eagle
Arn the domineering eagle
Arne the eagle
Arvid - an eagle on a tree
Axel is the father of the world

Balder - lord, prince, son of Odin
Benedict - blessed
Birger - lifeguard, keeper
Bjarne - bear

Valdemar is a peaceful ruler
Walter - army leader
Werner is a protected warrior
Vidar - forest warrior
Wigge - lightning
Victor the conqueror
Wilfred - Peaceful
Wilhelm - Helmet Protected
Wilmar - Desiring Glory

Gunnar - soldier, warrior
Gunne - soldier, warrior
Gustav - meditator

Doug - day
Dugfinn - the day wanderer
Daven - two rivers

Siegfried - Peaceful Victory
Sigmund - protector of the world
Siegward - the guardian of the world

Ivar - warrior's bow
Ingvar - Inga warrior
Yngve - Ing's friend, Ing's fan
Ingemar - known as Ing
Ingmar - known as Ing
Ingolf - Inga wolf

Joakim - the resurrecting Lord
Johan - Merciful God
Yon - God is merciful
Joseph - God's Addition

Kai - lord
Kai is the lord
Kenneth - Born in Fire, Artfully Made
Kent - born in fire, artfully made
Kim is the resurrection Lord
Christian is a follower of Christ
Christopher is a follower of Christ
Whip - knot
Constantine - solid
Kjell - cauldron

Lars - laurel
Lasse - laurel
Laurits - a man from Lawrence
Leif - descendant, heir
Lell - strong as a lion
Lennart - strong as a lion
Lenne - strong as a lion
Lawrence - the man from Lawrence
Ludwig is a famous warrior

Magnus the great
Mikkel - like God

Nel is the champion
Nenne - strong as a lion
Niklas - Conqueror of Nations
Nikolaus - Conqueror of Nations
Nyal is the champion
Njord - strong, energetic

One - aspiring, furious, raging
Olaf is the heir of the ancestors
Oscar - the spear of God
Oswald - divine power, divine ruler
Ove - small blade

Per - stone, rock
Pontus - sea, sailor

Ragnar is a wise warrior
Ragne - wise
Ragnwald is a wise ruler
Ralph is a wise wolf
Randolph the protected wolf
Rasmus is a favorite
Ricard is a powerful ruler
Roald is the famous ruler
Roar - the famous spearman
Rognwald is a wise ruler
Rolf is a wise wolf
Ruben - son
Rune - secret knowledge

Severin - strict
Snorre - attack
Stephen - crown
Stig the wanderer
Sverr - wild, restless

Theodore is a gift from God
Thor - thunder
Tore - thunder
Torgni - Thor's blows
Torkel - cauldron of Thor
Torvald - ruler of Thor
Tove - Thunder, Thor

Ulf the wolf
Ulric - prosperity and power

Finn - Finnish
Folke - people, tribe
France - French
Frithof - the stealing world
Frode is wise

Hakan - the tall son
Haldor - Rock of Thor
Halle - rock, stone
Halvard - Protector of the Rock
Halfdan - half of Dan
Harald - the army of the ruler
Helge - a saint dedicated to the Gods
Hemming is a werewolf
Henning - housekeeper
Henrik - housekeeper
Herleaf - Raised in Combat
Hjalmar - warrior's helmet
Hjalmarr - warrior's helmet
Holger - Island of Spears

Edward is the guardian of prosperity
Egill - small blade
Eulert is a strong blade
Einar is a lone warrior
Emanuel is a man with God inside
Emil is a rival
Enok - dedicated
Eric is the ruler
Erland - foreigner, stranger
Erlend is a foreigner, a stranger
Esben - Divine Bear
This is a child

Jacob - conqueror, invader, displacing
Jarl - Earl, Nobleman

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