Male Scottish names

Male Scottish names

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Islay - island
Iomhair - archer
Ayomher - archer
Alan is generous
Allan is generous
Allen is generous
Alpin - white
Alaysdair - Defender of Humanity
Alanne - generous
Alasdair - Protector of Humanity
Amhlaidh - heir, descendant of ancestor
Aodh - fire
Aodhegen - fire
Aodhen - fire
Aongas is the one and only
Aongus is the one and only
Arthair - From the Legend of King Arthur
Archibald - genuine bravery
Atoll - New Ireland

Baxter - baker
Ballard - bald
Barclay - birch forest
Beistin - Servant of the Bishop
Benneit - Blessed
Bernard - bold as a bear
Bitan - life
Blaenne - slight yellow
Boyd - yellow
Bryce - multicolored, specific, variegated
Brody - Place
Brody - Place
Bruce - woods or thicket
Bhalteir - ruler of the army
Bhatair - ruler of the army
Balfour - pasture

Weston - western setting
Wheely - helmet
Forks - helmet
Willie - helmet
Gavin the white hawk
Hamilton is a flat-topped hill
Glen Valley
Glenn Valley
Goiridh - the world of god
Gordon is a large hill or fort
Goreidh - God's World
Greyogair - cautious, alert
Grant - large
Grachem - gravel
Greg - cautious, alert
Gregg - cautious, alert
Gregor - cautious, alert
Greig - cautious, alert
Gray - gravel
Greer - cautious, alert
Graheim - gravel

Dubhglas - black, dark stream
Davi - darling
Dallas - living in the meadow
Duff - Black World
Duffy - Black World
Devei - beloved
Deorsa - peasant
Dermid is an honorary citizen, without envy
Jamie - the destroyer
Gilchrist - Servant of Christ
Gillespie - Servant of the Bishop
Jock is a good god
Jocky is a good god
Jokki is a good god
Jamison is the son of James
Diarmad is an honorary citizen, without envy
Donald is the world ruler
Drummond - mountain range
Dugald - darker, stranger
Dugald - darker, stranger
Dougie is black, stranger
Douglas - Japanese current
Dougal - darker, stranger
Dougal - darker, stranger
Dewall - darker, stranger
Davy is the favorite
Deybhidh - beloved
Davidh is the favorite
Dand - man, warrior
Daniel - God is my judge

Imher - archer
Innes - island
Innis - island
Ingraig - housekeeper
Irvine - Green River
Irving - green river
Ichenn - horse
Iegen - fire

Cuddy is famous
Kyle - thin
Kayoneodh - born of fire
Callum - pigeon
Kam - curved nose
Campbell - Curved Mouth
Kaolin is a little thin
Keir - life in dampness
Keit - forest
Kelen is a little thin
Kester - carrier of the cross
Kineed - born of fire
Kirk - Church
Cleamayne - gentle and merciful
Koinnich - pretty, accurately made
Koisim - steady
Komnol - strong as a dog, a wolf
Cormag is the son of pollution
Craig is a rock
Christy is the bearer of the cross
Kaden - a small battle
Kaileen - puppy, young puppy
Kannech - pretty, accurately made
Kainnich - pretty, accurately made
Caelum - pigeon
Cameron - crooked nose
Camron - curved nose
Kaoidhin - fifth
Keointin - fifth
Kaolan is a little thin

Lain is a good god
Lachlan - earth
Lan is a good god
Le - garden of poddubs
Leit - flowing water
Lennox - elm
Lenox - elm
Leslie - Holly Garden
Lille - from the island
Lindsay - Wetlands
Lindsay - Wetlands
Lindsey - Wetlands
Linsay - Wetlands
Lincy - Wetlands
Logan - emptiness, lowland
Lochlan - land
Ljall - wolf
Labhrainne - from Laurentum
Lagman - lawyer
Lamont - lawyer
Laird - landowner
Lachey - earth
Louis is a famous warrior

Macintosh - pretty, exactly made
Mackenzie - pretty, exactly made
Maxwell - Stream
Mango is the dearest friend
Munroe - roe deer mouth
Manroe - roe deer mouth
Marcas is a warlike
Martainn - from Mars
Melville is a bad setting
Merchadh - Sea Warrior
Micheil - Who Is Like God?
Michiel - Who Is Like God?
Monroe - roe deer mouth
Moray - sea warrior
Maitland is evil
Meoilios - Servant of Jesus
Masterman is the owner's man
Muir - rude touch
Muridhak - sea warrior
Murich - sea warrior

Neil is the champion
Nichol - victory of the people
Nicole - victory of people
Nickel - victory of people
Knox - life at the top
Norrie - northern man
Neois is the only choice
Neos is the only choice

Oengus is the only choice

Pal - small
Parlen - son of Talmay
Paisley - upper class
Floor - small
Padraig - Nobleman

Slave - Scottish nickname for Robertfamus
Rabbi - Scottish diminutive Robertfamus
Ramsay - wild garlic
Ramsey - wild garlic
Rob - famous
Roy - red
Ronald is a wise ruler
Ross - Cape
Rueridh - the red king
Ruisert - strong and brave
Rueri - the red king
Rueridh - the red king
Ruareidh - the red king
Raybert - Scottish form of Robertfamus
Renald - English ruler Reynoldwiz
Ranulf - the old wolf
Ranulf - wolf

Sayoltak - fruitful, having a seed, producing many offspring
Summerlad the summer traveler
Sauna - protector of humanity
Seok - good god
Seoras - earth worker, farmer
Seoseidh - God will add another son
Seumas the destroyer
Sigdh - like a hawk
Sigdha - like a hawk
Sim - listening
Simidh - listening
Sinclair - Saint Clara
Sintigern - Lead the Lord
Somerled - the summer traveler
Steeny is a stone
Stephene - crown
Stefan - crown
Steward - home security, steward
Stu - steward
Steward - home security, steward
Suibn - Good Walking
Sacheri - God remembered

There is a twin
Terlak - instigator
Tokuil - cauldron of Thor
Tomakhan is a twin
Thomas is a twin
Tomeg - twin
Thorburn - the bear Thor
Torquil - Cauldron of Thor
Tadg - poet
Tedhg - poet
Temkhas - twin
Tesgol - Cauldron of the Gods

Willie - helmet
Willig - helmet
Willim - helmet
Wisdeen - the stone of the island
Clue - helmet
Waylene - Healthy, Strong
Whelan - healthy, strong

Fife is a pipe
Farquhar - dear man
Fergus is a strong personality
Philibe the horse lover
Fingol is a white stranger
Fingal - white, weirder
Findlay is a fair, white warrior
Finlay is a fair, white warrior
Finley is a fair, white warrior
Foirchern - High Lord or Sovereign
Forbes - district, region
Fraser - strawberry
Frang - free
Frangen - free

Hev - heart, mind, or spirit
Heckie - protect, hold fast
Henderson is Hendry's son
Hendry - housekeeper

Sheumace the destroyer
Sug - heart, mind, or spirit

Eallair - Basement Worker
Evan - born of a yew tree
Ewart - Guardian of Prosperity
Even - born of a yew tree
Eiderd - Guardian of Prosperity
Eindrea - man, warrior
Ainsley - forest
Ainsley - hermit's forest hut
Eller - Basement Worker
Errol - to wander
Erroll - wander
Erskine - on the knife
Euon - Well Born

Yudard - Guardian of Prosperity
Yumann - protector of prosperity
Yuen - born of a yew tree

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