The most famous boxing scandals

The most famous boxing scandals

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Boxing is the noblest of all contact sports. They even cost some professionals their lives.

Death of Duke Ku Kim. In the fall of 1982, a fight took place for the right to possess the world title. The current owner, Duke Ku Kim from South Korea and the rather famous fighter Ray Mancini, nicknamed "Boom Boom", met in the ring. That fight was brutal from the very beginning. At the end of round 14, Mancini hit his opponent so hard that he flew to the ropes and suffered a serious head injury. Duke was still trying to get up and continue the fight, but referee Richard Green stopped the fight. Suddenly, the Korean lost consciousness and fell into a coma. He was urgently taken to the hospital, but there he never recovered, having died 4 days later. Such a victory cost Ray Mancini dearly - his reputation suffered greatly. I must say that this battle took the life of not only Duke Ku Kim. The mother of this boxer, who could not survive such a loss, committed suicide. Also, the judge Richard Green attempted suicide, who could not prevent the death of the Korean, although it was in his power.

Activities of Carlos Panama Lewis. When Carl Lewis was a famous boxing trainer of truly international class. However, his reputation was rather dubious. It was said that he fed his charges with stimulants, discreetly adding prohibited substances to drinking water. Lewis was also accused of corruption. The coach acted especially dishonestly in relation to his own ward, Lewis Resto. In 1983, he had a duel with the still promising in this sport, Billy Collins Jr. On the day of the match, the coach was able to put more solid material instead of the usual stuffing of his ward. As a result, instead of a duel between professional boxers, a bloody massacre turned out. For 10 rounds Resto just beat Colins. Billy's father was the first to suspect things were not clean. When the match was over, he was able to touch Resto's gloves and see the deception. As a result, the boxer and his trainer were arrested and disqualified. That fight cost Billy Colins dearly. His health was so undermined that he was never able to return to boxing, and a year later he committed suicide.

Seoul Olympics. The largest sports competition on the planet was held in Seoul in 1988. The scandal ended in a lightweight boxing match between South Korean Biango Yong and Bulgarian Alexander Hristov. Throughout the fight, Yong showed disrespect for the rules - he constantly hit his opponent in the head, for which Judge Walker fined the Korean. In the end, the victory was given to the Bulgarian, which infuriated the ardent local fans. They pounced on the judge and began to beat him. The referee was so scared that, despite a fair amount of injuries, he quickly went to the airport, and from there to New Zealand. This scandalous behavior of the fans of the Korean athlete has long been condemned by the entire sports community.

Jim Noris. This man had a lot of power and money. He has run many sports companies. Only here the reputation of Noris was dubious, they said that he had strong connections in the criminal world. In the middle of the last century, this odious figure served as president of the International Boxing Club. Noris wanted to take advantage of his position. He organized many lucrative contracts and virtually monopolized the holding of fights for the title of World Champion. As a result, it was Noris who chose which of the contenders would fight for the championship. It doesn't matter that the boxer himself might not want it. It was the president who organized a sports event of this rank. The official's illegalities have crossed all boundaries. Fights began to be held purely for formality, because the winner was determined in advance in the office. This attitude towards boxing undermined the authority of this sport for a long time. He was simply not taken seriously because of the work of Jimi Noris.

Scandal in the International Boxing Federation. In this sport, it is this federation that has the highest status from a legal point of view. It is this Federation that has the right of the last word, it will be accepted, even if it is not fair. A clear example of the abuse of this provision occurred in November 1999. Then Federation President Bob Lee was accused of corruption and blackmail. It turned out that when compiling a boxing rating, the official took into account not the athletic achievements of the participants, but the amount of money received from them. Thus, the most paid boxers were the closest to the championship.

Corrupt Richard Steele. In March 1990, a rather controversial boxing match took place. Two champions came together in the ring - a protege of the famous promoter Don King Cesar Chavez and Olympic medalist Meldrick Taylor. The fight lasted 12 rounds and from the very beginning, Meldrick began to attack. At the end of the last round, he still missed a strong blow from Chavez, ending up on the floor of the ring. When Taylor got up, he slowed down a bit to answer Judge Richard Steele's question if he could continue the fight? The boxer, on the other hand, was able to score "five". The referee immediately made a decision, strange for everyone, to stop the fight, the victory was given to Chavez. That fight was named Fight of the Year by Ring magazine. For Richard Steele himself, this decision ruined his career. Boxing fans booed him every time before the show.

Sunny Liston's mafia connections. Sunny Liston was a boxer with a difficult fate. As a child, he had to endure both domestic violence and constant humiliation. As a result, all this was reflected in his later life and career. Liston was repeatedly involved in serious crimes, he was imprisoned many times. During his next imprisonment, the criminal managed to show himself as a promising boxer. These abilities did not go unnoticed by the bandits, who began to advance the professional career of their new protégé. In 1965 Sunny Liston entered the ring against Cassius Clay. From the very beginning of the fight, Sunny knew that he would inevitably lose. However, he still lasted until round 7. Here Liston stated that his old shoulder injury prevented him from continuing the fight. Cassius Clay was declared the winner, but this result was questioned for a long time by stakeholders.

Don King. This promoter is the most influential in boxing today. It is believed that he is the one who pulls the strings of most professional boxers. The documentary "Only in America: The Life and Criminal Activities of Don King" was recently shown on television. This tape tells about the life of the famous promoter, who became famous for his composure and even cruelty. Don King came from the troubled neighborhoods of Cleveland. He received his portion of fame after the famous fight between Mohammed Ali and George Foreman, which took place in 1974. It should be noted that the promoter organized that fight just brilliantly. However, the ability to organize and conduct excellent fights is only one side of King's talent. He also became famous as a cruel killer and dishonest businessman. As a result, a boxing match can turn into a bloody fight, often with a tragic outcome.

The Massacre at Madison Square Garden. The famous Polish boxer Andrzej Golota once claimed the heavyweight championship belt. In July 1996, he fought Riddick Bowie. During that fight, the Pole did not hesitate to constantly strike his opponent below the belt, which is prohibited by the rules. The judge repeatedly warned Golota and even removed his glasses. This situation lasted as much as 9 rounds. As a result, after another ignorance of the rules by the Polish boxer, he was disqualified. When the fight ended, enraged fans of Riddick Bowie left the stands and tried to lynch the dishonest boxer and his team. Only with the help of the police was it possible to smooth out that unpleasant and scandalous incident.

James Butler's unsportsmanlike behavior. The career of this boxer went upward. In sports circles, Butler was nicknamed the "Harlem Sledgehammer". The boxer became notorious for the fact that he managed to inflict severe bodily harm on his opponent Richard Grant after the end of the fight. That scandalous incident occurred after the end of the charity battle dedicated to the survivors of the tragic 9/11 attacks in America. Richard Grant won that fight. According to the rules, after the fight, the opponents must shake hands with each other. However, instead, James Butler took and punched Grant in the face, resulting in severe injuries. As a result, the aspiring boxer was arrested on charges of assault and disqualified.

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