Female Slavic names

Female Slavic names

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Beta God is my oath

Century - messenger
Veronica - bringing victories
Spring is the messenger
Vladimira is a famous ruler

Danja - quince
Jesna - clear, sharp
Dijena - divine, heavenly
Daniela - God is my judge
Danica is the morning star
Danica is the morning star

Zora - ray of dawn
Katarina is pure
Kresimira - Cross of Peace
Crazimira - beautiful world, world
Kazimira is the famous, great destroyer
Camila the keeper

May - mother
Mila is an abbreviation for Slavic names containing "mila" or "cute"
Mira is an abbreviation for Slavic names containing "peace"
Mokosh - wet
Morana - death

Nika - bringing victory
Rose - rose

Stanislav's great government
Stanka is a great government

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