Serbian female names

Serbian female names

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Adriana - from Ardiy
Angela - angel, messenger
Antonia is invaluable

Bilyana - grass
Boyana - battle

Valeria is strong
Vedrana - funny

Gordana is proud

Deyanya - sympathetic
Jagoda - strawberry, berry
Dragoslava - precious glory
Dragana - dear, beloved
Soul - soul

Jovana is a good god
Jovanka is a good god

Lyubitsa - violet

Miljana - charm
Milinka - grace
Miryana - beloved

Natalia - birthday, or church Christmas
Natasha - birthday, or church Christmas

Radmila - happy benefit
Radoyka - joy

Senka - shadow
Slavitsa - glory
Glorious - gorgeous
Snezhana - the woman of the snow
Sofia - wisdom
Silver coin - silver

Tatiana - owned by Tatia (for example, the legendary king of the Sabines Tatia Titus) or organizer, founder
Tiyana - peace

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