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Meaning of the name

Stepan is translated from ancient Greek as "wreath".


Stepan in childhood is a cheerful, easy-going child. He loves outdoor games, plays a lot, is very restless. He does not have perseverance, but he has a good memory, which compensates for a long sitting at textbooks.

Stepan often argues with teachers, basically he turns out to be right. Teachers are afraid of his sharp mind and, no less sharp, tongue. It is easy for parents with him, the only chores, they arise because of his restlessness and restlessness.

Stepan is very sociable and friendly. He has many friends and just acquaintances who are always ready to do him a favor.

Stepan is a creative person. Professions related to culture are suitable for him, such as an artist, fashion designer, designer, architect, director.

Stepan is not touchy, witty, quickly masters in a new environment. Feels great in female society. Women adore him. Stepan is well-mannered, considerate, it cannot be boring with him.

Stepan constantly keeps his legal wife in suspense. His excessive sociability makes her constantly jealous. Stepan does not like to bother with children, considers their upbringing and homework the prerogative of his wife. Not every woman can withstand such living conditions for a long time, therefore it is she who becomes the initiator of the divorce.


Stepan is a very passionate, easily excitable, emotional lover. It is very difficult for him to overcome the rapidly growing sexual arousal.

Stepan is confident in his masculine strength, and in his ability to give a woman pleasure. This is not always true. He is comfortable in bed with mature, experienced women. However, he prefers the young and inexperienced to play the role of mentor with them.

Stepan never holds back his emotions. He pours out his delight with passionate words and moans.

Stepan loves to conquer women. The woman who takes the first step to establish an acquaintance is not interested in him.

Stepan is a master of the erotic game. Stepan always tries to come up with something new. He loves to discuss his exploits with friends, is constantly interested in new films and literature on the topic of sex.

Completely surrendering to comprehending the technical side of the issue, Stepan completely forgets about feelings, about a woman's soul. He often cannot understand why his beloved left him, because they had perfect sex.


Light brown.

A rock


Zodiac sign

Aries, Gemini, Libra, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces.


The sound of the name Stepan gives the impression of something quiet, dull.

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