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Meaning of the name

Taisiya translated from Latin means "fertile".


As a child, Taisia ​​is distinguished by sociability, activity and excellent communication skills. She knows how to get along with people, hardworking, inventive, fun and carefree. She will never refuse to help parents with housework.

She studies well at school, occupies a leading position in the class, never refuses social work.

Adult Taisiya changes little, she is just as active, energetic, assertive and sociable. Shows pragmatism, is distinguished by a strong will, cold and clear mind, practicality and efficiency.

She easily overcomes the obstacles facing her, never gives in to difficulties. Knows how to stand up for himself and his relatives or friends.

Although Taisiya is not a careerist, she is more than successful in moving up the career ladder. Achieves professional success in trade, business, in the financial field, in managerial work at all levels.

She is equally good both as a performer and as a leader. He has excellent control over himself, possesses innate organizational skills. Hardworking and energetic regardless of age.


Sweetheart, charming, with a beautiful figure and beautiful voice, Taisiya has been spinning the heads of men since her early youth. Her passion flares up very quickly, but this woman never loses her head, for a long time “tests for strength” the feeling that has arisen in her chest, watches her chosen one, trying to find out the degree of truth of his feelings.

Sex for Taisia ​​is inseparable from love, she is not able to enjoy intimacy with an unfamiliar man or a person for whom she has no tender feelings.

In love games, she prefers an active position, and the better she gets to know her partner, the brighter her passion flares up. There are no restrictions or prohibitions for her in sex, she is able to give a man an unforgettable erotic sensation.

Taisia ​​marries for love, she puts a lot of effort and energy into creating a strong and friendly family, in which everyone has their own responsibilities. This woman takes a leading position in relation to her household, prefers an authoritarian style.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Virgo, Scorpio.


The sound of the name Taisiya gives the impression of something good, light, joyful, simple, airy.

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