The art of being a specialist

The art of being a specialist

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Potter's Law

The amount of hype around a product is inversely proportional to its real value.

Weinberg's corollary

A qualified specialist is a person who successfully avoids small mistakes, steadily moving towards some kind of global error.

Hartley's Law

It is not difficult to bring the horse to the water. But if you make her swim on her back - this means that you have achieved something!

Ross law

Do not characterize in advance the importance of the expressed thought.

Clarke's Law of Radical Ideas

Every radical idea - in science, politics, art - triggers three stages of response:

1. It’s impossible, and don’t take my time!

2. It may be so, but, really, it is not worth taking on this ...

3. I always said that this is a great idea!

Clark's laws

1. If a distinguished but aging scientist claims that something is possible, he is almost certainly right. If he thinks something is impossible, he is most likely mistaken.

2. The only way to set the boundaries of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible.

The rule of the great

If someone you admire and respect immensely is deep in thought, it is most likely that they are thinking about dinner.

Seniority law

The first version of a more general principle is always no more perfect than a thought-out version of a more particular principle.

Ranemon's Law

There are four types of people:

1. who sits quietly and does nothing;

2. who says that one should sit quietly and do nothing;

3. who does;

4. who talks about what to do.

Levy's law

No talent can overcome an addiction to detail.

Segal's Law

1. A person who has one watch knows for sure what time it is.

2. A person who has several hours is not sure of anything.

Miller's law

Nothing can be said about the depth of the puddle until you get into it.

Weiler's law

There is no impossible job for a person who does not have to do it himself.

Weinberg's law

If builders built buildings in the same way programmers write programs, the first woodpecker to fly would destroy civilization.

Pascal's Law of Finish

Only at the end of the work we usually find out where it was necessary to start.

Thomas Fuller's Law of Group Work

When many people are hitting the anvil at once, they must keep order.

Consequence of Publius Terence

When two people do the same thing, it’s not the same thing.

Radchenko's banality

Each manager can effectively manage if the number of directly subordinate employees does not go beyond certain limits.

Radchenko's second platitude

Every employee wants to have some degree of autonomy.

Saadi's rule

Talk to people according to their mind.

Bejot's Law

The highest pleasure is to do what others think you cannot do.

Luther Burbank Rule

It is useful for people who do not know how to think, at least from time to time to put their prejudices in order.

Observation of Jeanne Anouille

The main thing is to express some primitive thought and then repeat it more often. This is how truths are born.

Enon's laws

1. The best experts resist innovation because they want to remain experts, and 75% of the time they are right.

2. It takes a real boss at least a year to form a definite opinion on an issue of interest to you.

3. The art of not being wrong consists in making the weakest statements possible.

4. Any employee two years younger than you is inexperienced; any employee five years older than you is a retarded old man.

Lired's motto

Don't give in!

Parkinson's law of delay

"Postpone" is the worst form of rejection.

Parkinson's axiom

Any employee starts to lose grip five years before retirement age, whatever that age is.

Confucius' Law of Trinity

There are three ways a person has to act wisely:

1. the noblest is meditation;

2. the easiest is imitation;

3. the most bitter experience.

Pascal's Law of View

There is enough light for those who want to see, and enough darkness for those who do not.

Menos Law for the Bureaucrat

Pedantic, conscientious observance of instructions, as a rule, leads to a dead end.

Placebo maze

Once in a dead end, do not climb the wall, do not bite the bit, do not lose your head.

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