The most unusual canned food

The most unusual canned food

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When natural disasters come to us or the socio-economic situation heats up, people turn to time-tested food - canned food. They begin to buy it in large quantities, emptying shelves or opening old stocks. Developed countries are no exception. For example, in the US, Hurricane Sandy made this category of food very popular. This is due to the technology of cooking this food, because conservation allows food to be stored for a very long time. It should be noted that canned food is in demand not only during emergencies or cataclysms.

The Frenchman Nicolas Apper invented this method of cooking back in 1809. Let's talk about them in more detail, because they surprise not only with their price and name, but also with their taste.

Black sturgeon caviar. A 126 gram jar of this delicacy costs about $ 30. I must say that black caviar is one of the most elite delicacies, and indeed it is the most expensive canned product in the world. No wonder caviar is called "the food of kings." In Europe, they are ready to pay up to 5 thousand euros per kilogram for this fish product, while in Russia the prices are more humane. True, in our country, black caviar is not available to the vast majority of consumers. But Russia is one of the few exporters of this elite product. The high cost of canned food can be explained - every year the number of sturgeon in the Caspian Sea decreases. As a result, the delicacy is becoming more and more rare. In 2003, Russia was officially banned from the commercial production of black caviar. As a result, factories for artificial breeding of sturgeon appeared in the country. It is they who are the main suppliers of an elite product for its subsequent conservation. The caviar produced in such factories is allowed to be sold officially.

Shellfish Abalon. This edible clam is found in the coastal waters of Mexico, Japan and California. The shell of a sea creature resembles a human ear in its shape, which is why this species is often called that. Clam meat is considered an exquisite delicacy, it is consumed not only canned, but even raw. However, you will have to pay a lot for the pleasure of the delicacy. This is despite the fact that the mollusk is not only harvested in the ocean, but also grown artificially. The Calmex company produces canned food with abalone, such a product costs about $ 120. For this price, the buyer will receive three whole shellfish with a total weight of almost half a kilogram. It should be noted that not only abalone meat is used for food, but also shells are great for making jewelry.

Chinese black truffles. For many of us, truffles are strongly associated with chocolates. However, true gourmets know that truffles are delicious mushrooms. They are so expensive that in lean years they are literally comparable to gold. There are several types of truffles in the world. Black Chinese is considered the most accessible. However, in this case, "Chinese" does not mean fake. The low cost relative to European species is due to the fact that China manages to provide excellent conditions, which is reflected in a large harvest of elite mushrooms. The local product is exported to Europe, and canned food is also made from it. It is difficult to find fresh truffles on sale, but they are more common in canned form. Before placing the mushrooms in a jar, they are peeled, and in order to keep the taste original, its juice and salt are added to the product. Such conservation costs about $ 64 per can.

Foie gras. The phrase "fatty liver" is frightening at first glance, but this is how the translation of the world famous French delicacy foie gras sounds literally. It is in this European country that the most of such a product is produced, and it is consumed most of all right there. But the dish was not invented in France at all - the Egyptians were the first to specially feed ducks and geese. Thus, the birds developed a very large and fatty liver, which became the basis for the delicacy. Foie gras outwardly resembles pate, however, the cooking method is different here. The product is also distinguished by its consistency and delicate creamy taste. Foie gras are often found on sale in the form of canned food. It can be a whole piece or minced meat with separate pieces of liver “bloc”. If you decide to pamper yourself with foie gras, cook about £ 50 for such canned food. And keep in mind that the delicacy should be served chilled. Foie gras is cut into slices with a special knife without cloves and put on a still warm bread.

Escargot. Another popular delicacy in France is escargot. An unusual name hides a grape snail dish. After the rain, the French collect these creatures right in their gardens. And people learned to eat snails back in antiquity; in the Middle Ages, such food was allowed during periods of fasting. Today, snails have become a delicacy that is served only on holidays and at dinner parties. It should be noted that it is not so easy to cook escargot on your own. First, you need to get the snail meat from its shell, then stuff it with herbs, garlic oil and place it back. In the case of canned escargot, the recipe looks simpler - the snails are simply poured with spicy broth. It can be completely simple, including spices and salt besides water, but some herbal supplements can also be included. Before using such canned food, the broth must be drained, and the snails must be rinsed under running water. Such snails cost about $ 60 per can.

Chestnuts. In Europe, autumn is sometimes called the season of chestnuts. At this time of year, they are harvested, the smells of this fragrant delicacy hover in the cities. Chestnuts are often cooked directly on the streets, in special braziers. It is believed that such a product is especially appreciated in France. And the reason for this is not only their taste, but also the history of the appearance of the dish. They say that the god Jupiter fell in love with the nymph Ney, but she did not reciprocate. As a result, the goddess turned into a beautiful tree with delicious fruits and carved leaves. In Russia, the history of eating chestnuts dates back to the time of Catherine the Great. However, after the revolution, recipes for preparing a delicacy were undeservedly removed from the pages of culinary dishes. That is why chestnuts are rarely cooked here and not as openly as in Europe. But no one bothers to start acquaintance with such an unusual food from its conservation. Chestnuts are placed in jars, both in their own juice and in sweet syrup and even brandy. Such a product costs about $ 30, chestnut puree is also on sale, also in the form of conservation.

Fried scorpions. For us, scorpions are, first of all, poisonous and dangerous creatures, causing a feeling of fear and some disgust. But in Asia, these spiders are a delicious dish. In China, scorpions are steamed and then served on a thin flatbread with vegetables and sauce. From spiders in Asia, they even learned how to cook kebabs - they are fried in boiling oil with lime leaves and hot chili peppers. Not so long ago, canned scorpions appeared on the shelves, such a product costs about $ 6. In the jar, exotic insects are already fried and ready to eat without additional preparation. It is worth noting that heat treatment destroys the poison of scorpions, so you can eat them completely without fear. Sometimes the taste of this spider is compared to shrimp, only there is a slightly bitter taste. In Asia, it is also believed that scorpion meat has medicinal properties. In Europe, however, such a dish is sometimes used as an exotic snack for beer.

Bamboo worms. This food is also quite unusual in our area. And in Thailand, 20 years ago, bamboo worms were eaten mainly in the form of spices. However, a massive infestation of locusts led to the fact that farmers began to catch, fry and eat insects. As a result, some of them have become a kind of delicacy in the country. Its most popular form today is considered to be bamboo worms. Thais call them “mouth duan express” for their size and relatively high speed of movement. In fact, these are not worms at all, but the larvae of the grass moth, which is born and then lives inside the trunks of bamboo. If earlier insects were harvested by cutting off plants, today they are purposefully bred on farms. Bamboo worms are first fried in oil and then packed in bags, like chips, or placed in cans. Such an exotic delicacy costs about 4 euros. When eating the worms, a crunch is heard, similar to the sounds of popcorn. However, this product still does not have any special taste.

Crocodile meat in curry sauce. Tinned stew, commonly used as stew, no longer surprises anyone. But crocodile meat prepared in this way, which can now be found on the shelves of some stores, looks unusual. True, people began to eat the meat of bloodthirsty alligators for a long time. Many restaurants in Singapore offer gourmets fried crocodile meat pieces. And in Australia, one of the festive dishes is alligator pie. In the United States, this product is used to make soup. This fashion did not leave aside the inhabitants of Thailand, who, especially for tourists, learned how to cook crocodile meat in curry sauce. Canning is also produced with such a product, it costs 11 British pounds and is exported. Specially for this, reptiles are raised on special farms. Even inedible parts of crocodiles are used - they are used for the manufacture of leather products. Canned crocodile meat is immediately ready to be eaten, they say that jasmine rice goes well with it.

Cobra meat. The fact that people have learned to eat snake meat is not a secret for anyone. In France, such a dish was generally popular until the 17th century. In those days, people believed that this product had a good effect on a person's appearance and on his health in general. The writer Madame de Sevigne even advised her daughter to devote one month a year to a viper diet. As a result, snake meat gradually disappeared from the diet of Europeans and Americans, but in Asia and Africa the snake remains a desirable object for local chefs. It is believed that almost all snakes are suitable for food, even poisonous ones. You just need to specially process them and remove the poisonous glands. Among the snake delicacies, one of the most important is the cobra meat. Not only fresh dishes are prepared from it, but also canned. As a result, such a product goes beyond Asia, you can find it on the shelves of ethnic and unusual products, and then taste it. Such canned food costs about 15 dollars.

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