The most unusual professions

The most unusual professions

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Many people like to complain that there is no job for them. Who will volunteer to work as a janitor? You can't sleep there until lunchtime.

So the young generation is dreaming of getting a job as an official, so that, sitting in a separate office, they can lead a free life, visiting entertainment sites on the Internet. It is enough to master some strange profession and now journalists write about you in the newspapers.

Vomit cleaner. Rhys Owen, 22, bespectacled, works at Thorpe Amusement Park. The duties of this Englishman include cleaning up the vomit that overly impressionable vacationers leave under the roller coaster. The asphalt under these attractions often has traces of undigested meals and breakfasts. Although this kind of work is disgusting for many, the guy himself likes it. First of all, a good salary, because few people agree to perform such duties. And on weekends or lunch, you can ride for free on numerous carousels or attractions in the park. Someone is a disgusting job, but for someone it is a pleasant pastime.

Armpit sniffer. Someone has to armpit while checking the effect of deodorants? There is such an official profession in Germany. Frau is doing this by preparing the products of the leading brands for the subsequent hit on store shelves. It's disgusting? But such professions are also needed. Moreover, such work is suitable only for non-smoking aged women, their nose understands smells best of all.

Shit burner. When we ride a train, no remorse arises from the release of human waste on the tracks. In the sea or ocean, going to the toilet for water is both difficult and ashamed. Usually tourist liners are equipped with large, capacious tanks to collect excrement there. But it makes no sense to transport such a cargo from one continent to another, because you can transfer some kind of infection or virus. Discovery Channel once told about an interesting ship's profession - an employee of a shit crematorium. These sailors are served by special vehicles. In them, people's waste is burned to the state of ash. No germs or bad odors. The machine itself may start to smell bad. This means its breakdown and the need for maintenance.

Dog and cat food taster. Unfortunately, our pets cannot tell exactly how their treat tastes. One of the pet food tasting people is Simon Elysson. He enjoys the testing of dog and cat delicacies and is also profitable. It depends on Simon's opinion whether the feed will hit the market or not. Alisson even has her own favorite dish - a cat appetizer with vegetables and chicken. At the same time, completely environmentally friendly feed is used - no narcotic additives or expired products.

The excrement archaeologist. You can remember what Mayakovsky said: “Dear comrades, descendants! Rummaging in today's petrified city ...., studying the darkness of our days, you may remember about me ... ". Sure. Exploring the remains of ancient civilizations is a very romantic endeavor. But not everyone is able to solve the mysterious letters in distant countries. But on the basis of studying the fossilized piles of shit of our ancestors, you can learn a lot about those times. It is excrement that can tell us today how our ancestors ate, how clean nature was then. If there are remains of scrapers in the shit, then the archaeologist-pathoecologist will come to the conclusion that the ancient man ate insects. If there are remnants of roundworms, then the owner of the feces ate a lot of meat at one time.

Professional whistler. The popular omen does not encourage whistlers, warning them of a possible lack of money. But some people are paid to whistle. Such, for example, is Steve Herbst. He has repeatedly won prizes at the world whistling championships. As a child, Steve's parents often took him to visit, so that the boy entertained his friends or even useful acquaintances with his trills. Today Herbst appears on television, and he was at Carnegie Hall. Steve, an employee of an advertising firm, can take to the streets of Manhattan to showcase his talent. It can be easily spotted by the crowd of onlookers who have gathered to listen to such an unusual performance of Mozart or Liszt. And who can stop the whistler from entertaining others and enjoying his gift?

Ski trail designer. A good illustrator will always find a job. Skill and love for drawing are in demand in various fields. James Niehus loved landscape pictures since childhood. Ski resorts were of particular interest to him. Today, he already draws tracks for them himself. As soon as James receives the order, he personally flies to the place and takes pictures of the hills and mountains there from a helicopter. Then he gets to work with topographic maps, creating impressive infographics. New Zealand became Niehus's special love. There are not as many trees there as, say, in the Carpathians. Therefore, there is no need to waste precious time drawing them.

A diver for golf balls. Usually important and wealthy rich people play golf. They are unlikely to climb into a stream or lake for a ball that landed there. Why would they wet their precious feet and hands when they have specially trained employees? Golf ball divers not only help wealthy muffs, they also earn extra money by selling used golf ball divers. And this income can become the main one. Each ball raised from the bottom is valued at 6 cents, and the annual income from the sale of accessories can be up to 100 thousand dollars!

Professional sleepyhead. Sleeping at work is everyone's dream. There are those who succeed. But if the boss finds them in such a state, they will have to look for a new job. But there are also such employees who even receive money for their naps. We are talking about participants in scientific research on the sleep process. This state of affairs is normal. Another way to make money with your sleep is at the New York Museum of Modern Art. There are even full-time positions for young women who come here to work. In the temple of the muses, these employees drink sleeping pills and sleep under the covers. And they work as an exhibition exhibit. Such a work of contemporary art may simply be called "This is Keith."

Collectors of worms. These people go to work late at night. On their heads are miners' helmets with flashlights, and cans are tied to their hands. But you should not be afraid of them, because their campaign is worms. Workers find wet places that are just teeming with wriggling earth creatures. Worms can be a good source of income, as a can of quality creatures can cost up to $ 18. This strange job can also get quite dangerous. After all, collectors of worms are constantly howling among themselves for spheres of influence, like homeless people fighting for empty bottles. In 1993, a team of competitors in Canada even started a fight with rebar. The scuffle ended with the arson of the minibus. It's funny, but vertebrates broke each other's backs because of invertebrates. Such is the grin of life.

Text writer for happy cookies. The employee with this profession is called Donald Lau, and he is the vice president of Wonton Food in Long Island. Mr. Lau is constantly on the lookout for inspiration for his work. So, having taken a ride in the stinking subway, the writer will note to himself: "Beware of aromas of unknown origin." Donald's company is the largest happy cookie maker in the United States. When children find a note among a scattering of pastries, it is Lau's handiwork and head.

Dice quality controller. The results of the game can be distorted even by the smallest imperfection of the dice. As a result, fortune will come to those who do not deserve it. That is why there is a quality controller. They carefully examine all the cubes for physical or geometric defects. People of this profession are not at all rare, they are always in demand by large manufacturers.

Poisonous snake milker. You shouldn't be afraid of snake venom. After all, this is not only a strong and dangerous remedy for victims of a bite, but also a useful medicine. The poison is used to develop antidotes, and is also used in the treatment of malignant tumors. But how to get poison from a snake without harm to health? For this, there are special milkers or milkmaids. They pull a thin membrane over the glass, forcing a hungry snake to bite through it. To do this, the millers press on the venom glands and collect the secreted liquid into a container. Another way, however, not so humane, is to "tickle" the snake's cheeks with a mild electric current. Although the profession is risky, it pays well.

Dream merchant. Each of us has our own dreams. An inconspicuous manager dreams of becoming a world celebrity, even for a day. The businessman, surrounded by bodyguards, dreams of managing a multi-ton train alone. The psychiatrist dreams that a relaxed, charming girl would come to his confession ... There are people who make dreams come true! In a Chicago-based company, customers can get what they were afraid to imagine. You just have to come to the office and tell about the dream. The dream merchants will be able to realize it, for a rather large amount. The simplest order will cost 150 thousand dollars here.

Ant catcher. How to select individuals of large animals for their further breeding is clear. And here is how ants are selected for their farms. It turns out that a special employee is dealing with this issue. He seeks out the best individuals in the anthill, which are selected for further breeding in artificial conditions.

Brain remover. Seeing a picture of animals being killed in a slaughterhouse is not for the faint of heart. But someone works in this place. There is a man in the slaughterhouse whose duty is to put the head of a slaughtered animal on the table, split the skull and remove the brain from there. This mass is then sent to restaurants, where delicacies are prepared from it.

Fire keeper. This is a rather romantic but boring specialty. We must sit at the very top of the high tower and see if a fire starts somewhere nearby. This profession is in demand in one of America's national parks.

The Queen's Guardian. It is not always possible to maintain order in a bee swarm sufficient for life. People of this profession make sure that the queen of the bee family is safe and sound, and also receives the nutrition she needs to procreate.

Egg breaker. It's easy to break eggs, but do you do it all day? People of this profession put chicken eggs in a special machine. It separates the whites from the yolks.

Chick sex determiner. Once the chicks are 1 day old, they are sexed. This is important, because depending on the result, a maintenance and nutrition program will be assigned.

Wrinkle remover. In expensive shoe boutiques, everything is done for the convenience of customers. After people have tried on their shoes, special people straighten their wrinkles. This way the product always remains in perfect condition. In furniture stores, employees do a similar job - they straighten pillows. Workers are directly patrolling the sales area in search of rumpled bedroom sets.

Chimney sweep. Many people think that representatives of this profession have worked for a long time. In fact, there are chimney sweeps today. In Southern California, such specialists are still in demand. But it is not so easy to become one - you have to go through two years of training. But an hour of work of a chimney sweep costs $ 20.

Sniffer of eggs. Many pastry shops are very scrupulous about the freshness of their products. But how do you identify missing eggs? There are special workers for this - egg sniffers. It is their responsibility to ensure that these missing products do not end up in production.

Penguin flipper. This unusual profession exists in an unusual place - in Antarctica. The thing is that a penguin, falling on its back, cannot get up on its own. Usually this bird doesn't fall like that. After all, there is a tail, and the center of gravity is well located. But in Antarctica, near airfields, there are very specific conditions - helicopters and airplanes constantly fly. Here are the penguins and lift their heads, reacting to the sound in the sky. Many of them fall on their backs. Nature will not help here, but the situation can be corrected by turning the penguins over. After each takeoff or landing of the aircraft, he goes around the vicinity of the airfield and raises the poor penguins. This profession, of course, is very rare, but how kind and unusual it is!

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