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There are several paths to health. Here are the twenty most useful foods according to the British The Times.

Beans. It contains protein and fiber. Beans help control blood sugar levels, thus a person feels full, and the danger to the figure is minimal. The level of "bad" cholesterol is also reduced. Experts say that you can use beans in any form - boiled, canned, in soups, as a side dish, etc.

Green tea. Just like coffee, this drink has an invigorating effect, however, it has antiplatelet and antibacterial effects. Green tea activates the immune system, tooth enamel does not change color and even cavities recede.

Fatty fish. Fish oil is famous for its acid content that prevents blood vessels from clogging. Consequently, the heart attack recedes. However, the fish should be steamed or canned with a little salt. If the fish is salted, dried or even fried, then it will do more harm than good.

Parsley. It is much better than any chewing gum to relieve bad breath and discomfort in the mouth. Also, parsley is rich in vitamin C, which helps to strengthen the immune system and delay the aging of the body.

Apples. Some strains contain up to 150 nutrients that protect against viruses, diabetes, and some even cancer. Apples are also high in fiber, and according to nutritionists, consuming just two apples a day will reduce calories by 20%. It is also recommended not to cut the skin off before consumption, since it is under the skin that the most wonderful antioxidants and beneficial nutrients are hidden.

Grapefruit. With this fruit, you can quickly get a feeling of fullness, as it knocks down blood sugar levels. Also, grapefruit is saturated with glucaric acid, which lowers cholesterol levels and thereby prevents the formation of plaques in blood vessels.

Tomatoes. The characteristic red color of the vegetable is due to the red pigment lycopene, which is beneficial for the prevention of prostate diseases. It should be noted that this effect is inherent in other products derived from the tomato - tomato paste, juices and sauces.

Garnet. If you eat pomegranate or its juice, you can prevent cholesterol contamination of the human cardiovascular system, possibly even cleansing the body. However, you should not abuse this juice, as it has a strengthening effect on the intestines.

New potatoes. Young root vegetables are distinguished by the fact that they contain "slow" carbohydrates, therefore, after eating, the energy will not be released so quickly. Consequently, a person, along with good taste, experiences a feeling of satiety, and the figure will remain in a normal state.

Oatmeal. It is famous for the fact that it muffles the feeling of hunger for a long time, trains the intestines and lowers cholesterol due to the large amount of fiber. And for the exterior, oatmeal is useful, since without extraneous additives it is impossible to get fat in it. But the silicon, which is part of the porridge, helps the skin to maintain its properties.

Boiled eggs. They contain lecithin, which the body converts to choline. The same, in turn, is involved in the activity of the brain, improving memory. Eggs are a very satisfying and at the same time low-calorie food, one chicken egg contains no more than 80 kcal.

Green pea. It contains both fiber and vitamin C, which is necessary to maintain immunity, and vitamin B, which helps the nervous system to function.

Prunes. Ferulic acid has been found in prunes, which is very beneficial for the intestines. Thanks to her, this organ is protected from cancer, and in general the digestive tract receives a healing effect. If fresh plums cannot be found, then dried fruits can also be eaten. They should be crushed and consumed along with kefir or yogurt. Such a dish will be both tasty and extremely healthy.

Dark chocolate. It contains over 70% cocoa beans, which provides a large amount of antioxidants. Take chocolate and you will protect blood vessels from blockages, and the body from premature aging. It should only be taken into account that white and milk chocolate are practically devoid of these beneficial properties.

Frozen berries. Many people underestimate the benefits of frozen foods. However, this type of storage allows you to preserve the maximum useful properties, in contrast to cooking or canning. Therefore, buying a bag of currants or strawberries in winter, you can get so many vitamins and antidepressants in winter. Don't chew on frozen berries, mix them with milk or yogurt, or add them to green tea for a great refreshing cocktail.

Olives. They contain all the components that are essential for the health of blood vessels and heart - vitamin E, phenolic resins and monounsaturated fats.

Almond. If you want to have a quick bite, then replace the fat and sugary options like chips and snacks with almonds, this option is much healthier. These nuts are delicious, relieve hunger for a long time, lowering the level of cholesterol in the blood.

Chilli. Thanks to him, the metabolism is accelerated, thereby excess weight disappears. If you include hot pepper sauce in lunch, then the calorie consumption in the next 2 hours will increase by 15%.

Whole grain pasta. If you eat pasta made from wholemeal flour instead of high-grade counterparts, then the body will receive slow carbohydrates, which will quickly saturate it and provide the necessary energy. And there will be no harm to the figure.

Turmeric. This spice contains curcumin, which is renowned for its anti-inflammatory properties, protecting the intestines from cancer. Turmeric is best used with poultry.

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