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Gianni Versace has managed to become one of the most popular people in the fashion world. A native of Rigio di Calabria, as a child, he dreamed of becoming a pianist, as he loved music, but fate had a different path for him. Maybe Gianni was influenced by his mother's profession. Francesca was a professional dressmaker and often took her son with her to work, to the sewing workshop. It is no coincidence that Versace, who has already become famous, emphasized that he owed his skills and professionalism to his mother.

When the boy turned 18, he began working in his mother's atelier. Gianni plunged headlong into creating new clothing models. The aspiring designer successfully combined current fashion with his own vision of style. Until the age of 24, Gianni worked with his mother. During this time, they managed to visit England, France, Belgium. Versace caught all the trends of modern fashion. Thanks to his mother, that same reverent and loving attitude towards a woman grew in Gianni, which influenced his further work. However, the relationship with her was still not easy and calm. The fact is that the family had three children. In addition to Gianni, Donatella and Santo also grew up.

Perhaps that is why Versace himself used to say that he saw the meaning of his life to deserve the attention of his own mother. Through working with her, Gianni learned how to professionally drape fabric. Francesca knew how to fold folds so as to hide the flaws of the female figure and emphasize her dignity. So Gianni, thanks to his mother, realized how important it is to work with the body and feel all the bends of the fabric and its interaction with the female lines. It was this kind of work that became a real vocation for a couturier.

But one day, Gianni Versace's life changed dramatically. A wealthy businessman turned to the atelier. He heard from somewhere about a promising young tailor from a small town. Gianni talked to him and suddenly found an investor. This was the only chance to break through that unexpectedly fell to the Italian. A few years later, his name sounded all over the world.

At 27, Versace began to work closely with houses such as Complice, Callaghan and Genny. Thus began his Milanese career. Gianni himself literally gushed with new ideas, he was overwhelmed with enthusiasm. This is why a solo career seemed natural to Versace. At 32, he founded his first company, Gianni Versace SpA. Together with him, his brother and sister share management. In the same 1978, Gianni, together with his brother, opened the first clothing boutique. It is there that a little later the first collection of women's clothing of the new House will be presented.

And in September 1978, the men's collection was released. Both the critics and the discerning Italian public perfectly accepted the master's work. The work of Gianni Versace has a lot of fans. At the same time, the famous logo in the form of a jellyfish head appeared. The designer who created it said that the image was not accidental. Indeed, in ancient mythology, jellyfish has always been a symbol of beauty, both in art and in philosophy. This creature combines beauty and simplicity, which cannot but bewitch.

Versace's style included tight-fitting suits, corsets, tight and short skirts. The master created beautiful clothes that were highlighted by clean lines and perfect cut. It was truly mesmerizing. But how could a talented person limit himself? So Gianni was engaged not only in clothes, but also in watches, perfumes, porcelain and even interiors and theatrical props. The designer has never been afraid to experiment with materials, working equally passionately with silk, denim, lace and leather. The first women's fragrance appeared in 1981, and in 1986 a men's fragrance was released.

In the 1980s, the House of Versace literally blew up the world's catwalks with its unique style, and the brand itself is the most famous in the fashion world. Gianni himself understood what the magic of the name means. It is no coincidence that top models of the highest level are constantly present at his shows. Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer, Naomi Campbell and Linda Evangelista owe much of their popularity to the designer. Santo was the main administrator of the House, while Donatella was responsible for the photo sessions.

In 1989 Versace launched her haute couture line, entering the world of haute couture. In the early 90s, he became a world celebrity, and the brand's clothes can be seen on many stars - Madonna, Princess Diana.

And the life of a genius ended unexpectedly for everyone. On July 15, 1997, near his villa in Miami Versace, Andrew Cunine was shot dead. A few hours later, the killer with the same weapon committed suicide. And although the exact motive of the crime remained unknown, the authorities are inclined to believe that the Italian mafia has gotten even with the fashion designer. After all, long before those events, the fashion designer declared war on her. The Mafia have long made huge profits from counterfeiting Versace products in their clandestine factories. This entailed tangible losses, both for the House itself and for the fashion designer.

After the death of Gianni Versace, his sister Donatella took over the House. She is launching her own line of clothing, following the successful concept chosen by her brother. True, his sister could not repeat his success. Nevertheless, the Versace House is still one of the most popular in the world. Words such as style, shopping, fashion are invariably associated with him.

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