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Meaning of the name

Wanda translated from Polish means "brave", "fearless".


In childhood, these babies bring a lot of problems to their parents and caregivers with poor appetite, restless disposition, and excessive emotionality.

Stubborn and decisive, more like a father, they often choose their friends among boys. They study well at school and institute, go in for sports (tennis, volleyball).

Wanda is modest, docile, hardworking, but somewhat indecisive. Despite the fact that she is a great homebody, she knows how to present herself, she has great taste. She is reasonable and withdrawn, she keeps her grievances to herself, fearing, defending herself, of hurting someone and offending even more.

Wwanda is a big stay-at-home, which is probably why she gets married late and often unsuccessfully. She has many friends whom she willingly accepts at home. Usually they give birth to sons (with the exception of the "autumn").

Economical in household spending. Not one of the business women. Can achieve significant success in painting, architecture, medicine, clothing design, trade and preschool education.

Those born in winter are conflicted, trying to command everyone, impose their opinions and argue over trifles; in life they have a hard time. Summer-born Wandas are kinder, but cunning.

Wanda is able to hold the reins of government not only in the family, but also at work, it is easy to make a career in the service. But, as a rule, she does not need this: she is attracted most of all by a purely female field of activity: home, household, family relations, friends. And here she is doing great.

She achieves everything in life on her own: she is stubborn, decisive, knows how to insist on her own; holds firmly both the house, and the husband, and the children; and at work, nothing passes by her. However, this name does not suit a business woman; Wanda doesn't prioritize her career. A wonderful, economical hostess, she has many friends.


Wanda's love is fraught with deep intimacy, she wants to be alone with her feeling, without initiating anyone into it. She is very touching and gentle in sex, not burdened with complexes.

Wanda likes a man older than her in age, with great sexual experience, who knows how to talk excitingly. She likes to feel weak and small with him.

Since a man of this type in his caresses often compensates for already low sexual opportunities, Wanda often remains dissatisfied.

Wanda goes through the hell of jealousy, despondency, can fall into a state of depression and blames everything for her inability to adapt to a man. Receiving sexual satisfaction, she is transformed, flourishes, surrounds her friend with tenderness, care.

Wanda is sentimental, romantic, but in sex she can be inventive like no other woman, and if she meets a hot man with great sexual potential, she will become his ideal partner.

Wanda is an excellent psychologist, she deeply feels the mood of her partner, knows how to be diplomatic with him and not insist on what causes him a negative reaction. She does not tolerate men who are cold or inexperienced, she has no desire, like some other women, to kindle men, much less teach them sex.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Aries, Aquarius, Gemini.


The sound of the name Wanda gives the impression of something simple, majestic, rough, courageous, strong, loud, brave, mighty, big, active, bright, joyful.

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