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Meaning of the name

In ancient Roman mythology, Vesta is the daughter of Saturn, the patroness of the hearth. The meaning of the name corresponds to the character of the mythical character of the same name.


The desire to command everyone and everywhere is manifested in these women from childhood. Little Vesta will certainly achieve her goal, at any cost she will make her parents fulfill her desire, she can throw a tantrum in the store if she is not bought a toy.

She looks more like her father and is more attached to him than to her mother (it is interesting that Vesta, who was born in winter, has a maternal character, and everyone else has a paternal character).

Vesta, born in winter, is sociable, she loves noisy society and does not tolerate loneliness, born in summer, on the contrary, shy, indecisive and somewhat withdrawn.

Nevertheless, both of them have many friends, they are kind, not envious, they will never refuse to help another. True, they are a little awkward and, helping, often only interfere.

Women with this name are outwardly attractive and attract the attention of men, they dress brightly, catchy. Vesta are not devoid of talents: many of them draw well, dance, write poetry.


A demonstrative personality, likes to attract attention, to be in the center of events. In addition, Vesta is an incorrigible romantic who creates various male images in his imagination, makes plans, the common feature of which is absolute unreality.

As a child, Vesta was fascinated by fairy tales, and she continues to live in this fairy-tale world, which has nothing to do with reality. Her first acquaintances are sweet, delicate, indecisive romantic boys, with not quite conscious sexual attraction.

I must say that among these women there are others who are the complete opposite of the first. Instead of a gallant and romantic lover, in their imagination, there is often a rude man unrestrained in his desires, with whom, if he appeared in reality, they would willingly enter into a relationship and, probably, would be happy.

However, all Vestas, as a rule, avoid strong, confident, one hundred percent men, feeling safer around mentally weak men who need care and indulgence.

Vesta always enjoys the feeling of novelty in dealing with a man. If Vesta does not go well in an intimate relationship, she withdraws into herself, suffers, but cannot clarify them in an open conversation with a partner. She would rather end all relations with him, although she will not stop suffering and worry.



A rock

Yellow sapphire.

Zodiac sign

Taurus, Capricorn.


The sound of the name Vesta gives the impression of something strong, light, active, bright, joyful.

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