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Meaning of the name

Veronica translated from Greek means "victorious", "bringing victory". Biblical name, the name of a woman from Jerusalem who, according to legend, wiped sweat from Jesus' face as he carried the cross.


As a child, Veronica is a timid, shy and indecisive girl. He has poor health and excessive sensitivity; he may even faint from the sight of blood. With age, irritability and stubbornness appear in Veronica's character. In communication with others, she becomes more relaxed and feels more free in an unfamiliar environment.

The main character traits are borrowed from the mother, and outwardly she is more like her father. Prefers male society. Veronica is a sociable woman. Outwardly, she is attractive, dresses brightly and catchy. Among fans, she becomes especially lively, she is overwhelmed with emotions. Veronica dances well, loves to sing to the guitar.

Veronica's parents and educators should be very careful not to forget that self-esteem must be balanced by respect for people. But if such a balance in the character of Veronica is achieved, she becomes surprisingly easy-going person, which undoubtedly attracts not only girlfriends, but also numerous suitors.

This can make Veronica picky and self-confident enough, which will appeal to others even more. Perhaps only she herself will be somewhat embarrassed by the lack of deep feelings, but most often she makes up for this with cheerful fun.

In general, usually this ease and ease finds its manifestation in all areas, from housekeeping to her work, which she will try to choose as prestigious as possible or even calmly entrust this responsibility to her husband, using her energy to arrange the family nest.

But the husband should be more attentive, because he himself may not notice how the lightness and self-confidence of Veronica will make him an obedient tool in her hands.

She is extremely amorous and enjoys overwhelming success among men. But her feelings are fickle, and she can break off all relations with her lover without regret. In marriage, he seeks to rule, and if the husband cannot accept this, then, most likely, the marriage will fall apart.

Veronica belongs to the category of those women, thanks to whom you can not spend money on publishing your ads in newspapers - it is enough to tell her about something in secret, and soon half the city will find out about this secret.


She is restrained and modest, although she learns the intimate side of life quite early. Veronica feels more confident if she has an affectionate partner with her. With mutual attraction, she is able to be relaxed with a man, receive and give pleasure, but she needs time to adapt to him, to explore the range of his acceptability in sex. She is happy with a man who has more sexual experience and sufficient activity than she.

Veronica can ignore a partner, meetings with whom they are "according to the template", offering her the same pose, saying the same words. She is alien to men for whom sex is only a means to get rid of discomfort, while for Veronica herself it is a desirable, happiness-bringing connection with her lover. She does not think of intimacy without a love game, she reacts especially passionately when a partner caresses her breasts.

Without erotic play, Veronica does not receive satisfaction, love and sexuality mean tenderness and affection for her, but she feels deceived if her partner, igniting passion in her in the preliminary period, does not wait until it reaches a climax.

Her ideal is a man, strong not so much in the sexual sense as in the everyday sense. In his presence she wants to feel weak, protected, in his caresses she prefers "art", "knowledge that is higher than strength."

She is receptive to the words that her lover whispers to her during intimacy. Veronica is able to quickly and passionately get carried away, enjoys great success with men, but prefers to choose herself. The extraordinary amorousness of this woman can cause the collapse of her marriage.


The black.

A rock


Zodiac sign

Taurus, Libra, Gemini.


The sound of the name Veronica gives the impression of something strong, light, active, bright, joyful.

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