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Meaning of the name

Vsevlod translated from Old Slavic means "who owns everything."


If Vsevolod has influence on people, it is solely because of his ability to convince. However, it is quite possible that our distant ancestors put just such a meaning into this name, expressing their dream of an ideal ruler, whose power is based not on violence, but on respect and love.

This name endows its bearer with perseverance, patience, calm courage. His energy is mild, but firm, it exudes balanced optimism, and these are precisely the qualities that are most easily transmitted to other people.

Indeed, it is difficult to make a fighter out of a person; it is very easy to break down on excessive self-confidence and striving for superiority, meeting the resistance of others, but balance and optimism do not cause rejection in anyone.

Thus, both Vsevolod himself and most of those around him perceive this name positively, which often opens many doors for Seva on his life path. This is further enhanced by the relative rarity of the name.

At the same time, unlike many other optimistic names, the name Vsevolod disposes of concentration, self-absorption, and this can be a significant plus! Moreover, it does little to incline to pedantry.

Usually very diligent people grow out of Vsevolodov; they study well, rarely get into unpleasant stories, enjoy the love of their teachers, but they are not torn to be favorites and therefore do not lose authority among their comrades.

Most often, these tendencies remain with them in adulthood, ensuring a good career. In marriage, no luck, they often marry several times. Among them are physicists, doctors, mathematicians, administrators, and they are always good workers.

They are sociable, like their wives to obey them in everything. If they are offended, they hide the offense for a long time. They are always constrained, often act contrary to their beliefs. In old age, severe sclerosis can develop.

In a word, the name Vsevolod is very favorable for a quiet life and this is his main drawback. Without experiencing deep passions and all-consuming desires, it will not take long to lose your bearings in life. Often Vsevolod begins to suffer from the absence of a main goal and any exciting dream, without which all efforts sooner or later lose their meaning.

This is a very significant moment, and the attention of Seva's parents should be drawn to it, because if there are no clear aspirations in the name itself, then it is extremely necessary to instill in him an interest in something in childhood.

The stronger and more worthy this interest is, the more chances Vsevolod will have to live a full, eventful life. Vsevolod himself, you can wish not to be afraid of risky actions and to a greater extent treat life as a rather exciting game. Be sure that with the start of the game both interest and healthy excitement will come, and your best qualities will definitely help you achieve success!

Vladislavs are talented, they love to subjugate people. Undoubtedly, this helps them in their work. They do not trust anyone, for the sake of agreeing with the interlocutor, they do everything in their own way. They are good speakers, but they are not suitable for teachers, because they do not like to repeat what has been said. Careers are made difficult. They do not like to resort to anyone's help. They are inquisitive, their area of ​​interest is very wide.

Family life is difficult - their wives do not get along with their mother-in-law. However, thanks to patience and love for children, the family still does not collapse. They are very calculating and like to be consulted on everything.


A man of strong will, principled, straightforward. Ready for anything to achieve the goal. In his personal life, he is unlucky, goes through several marriages. Stingy, his beloved should not count on pleasant surprises and gifts.

He is generous only for affection and compliments. He is touchy, does not tolerate rivalry in sex, considers himself irresistible, and the betrayal of his partner insults him to the core, although he himself is rarely absolutely loyal to anyone.

Vsevolod does not share sex and love. He cannot maintain a long-term sexual relationship with a partner for whom he does not have warm feelings. But he only really loves once. He never cheats on such a woman.

Sometimes Vsevolod is not able to control his passion, he can be unpredictable, hot, and most importantly, he does not try to restrain his sexual impulses. But he is an excellent psychologist and knows with whom and how you can behave, which of the women will like his persistence, and who will be rejected.

She is happy to do everything that can arouse her partner, does not recognize inhibitions and conventions. Sex for him is a game in which he calculated all the options and has the maximum chances of success.

Born in the summer, Vsevolod does not have much erotic experience, you cannot call him a womanizer, especially since he is disgusted with physical betrayal. In intimate proximity, he physically and emotionally gives all the best. If for a long time he does not manage to meet a partner capable of causing a strong feeling, he can enter into an intimate relationship only for the sake of maintaining health and well-being.

In order to feel like a real man, you need, in his opinion, to master a huge theoretical baggage of knowledge about sex, so Vsevolod carefully studies special literature. When choosing a partner, he takes into account, first of all, her appearance, character and sexual attractiveness.

Born in winter, Vsevolod is more energetic, passionate, chooses a temperamental partner. For him, sex is more important than feelings. He is not looking for love, content with physical gratification.

He does not know defeat, is confident in his abilities, easily makes contact with women. She knows how to win over any beauty, she can play the role of a jealous person, if she feels that she likes it.

Vsevlod knows how to be affectionate and attentive, perfectly knows the technique of sexual intercourse, knows the needs of a woman, tries to satisfy them. Even if the partner is not seriously interested in him, he will certainly give her a lot of pleasure in bed, will try to assure her that she is unique, that he has never met a woman better.

He is unhurried, not persistent, unobtrusive. An insufficiently temperamental partner cannot count on a connection with him, but Vsevolod will never pretend that she does not suit him, he will always find another reason to end the relationship. He respects women and tries not to offend them.

Good boss, attentive to his wife. He does not tolerate pressure from his wife, is quick-tempered, but quickly departs. Disdainful and prefers homemade food. He does not tolerate an increased tone, is domineering and freedom-loving.



A rock


Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Vsevolod gives the impression of something majestic, courageous, strong, powerful, big.

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