Male Yakut names

Male Yakut names

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Ayaan - travel
Ainan - travel
Ay - inventor
Ayyy - to invent
Ayaal - to invent
Ayal - Inventor
Aytal - the light deity-creator
Aikhal - joy
Ayhan - joy
Aikhal-michil - not losing weight
Aiyy Siene - grandson of aiyy
Scarlet - blessed
Alaady - pancake
Arbay - bush
Atyrdyakh - pitchfork

Baroon - Baron
Bebei - darling
Boltorhoy - chubby
Braaskai - drilled
Bergen - accurate

Dalbaray - chick
Dohsun - daring
Duolan - daring
Dyulustaan ​​- tenacious, purposeful

Kuobach - the hare
Kytakh - a large wooden bowl
Kaskil - a better future

Manchaary - sedge
Michil - smile, joy, happiness

Nuolan - discreet, unhurried

Sallaat - soldier
Sulustaan ​​is a star
Sergeh - empathetic, careful

Tolluman is fearless
Timir - iron
Dusk is a better future

Walan is a man
Urui-michil - joy and celebration
Urgel - constellation Pleiades

Horula - who came from Horula

Chorrun - harsh, rude

Kharyskhan - protector of blood

Ergis - spinning, energetic
Erchim - energetic
Erhaan - brave blood
Erhan - brave blood
Erkin - honest
Elley - the progenitor of the Yakuts

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