The worst female habits

The worst female habits

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A woman you like can be beautiful like Angelina Jolie, smart like Marie Curie and unassuming like Cinderella. And this is not the same princess with whom you want to build your life as a fairy tale.

It's all to blame for a bunch of terrible female habits that simply drive a man out of himself. So, here they are, the main enemies of men - the worst habits of women.

Emotionality. Any woman constantly gasps and groans. There are so many manifestations of feelings during the day that it tires any man by the evening. When ladies moderately express their emotions, it even touches. But the constant presence of a woman in a state of passion will soon drive out even the most seasoned gentleman. Suspiciousness is also attached to emotionality, women like to invent non-existent problems for themselves and devote not only feelings, but also time and money to fight an invisible enemy.

Impudence. This behavior also looks intrusive. Ladies often like to call "just like that" their loved one, asking how he is doing. And they are not afraid of an important meeting. And the cases of reading other people's SMS on the phone are common. As a result, every man will start to get nervous, discovering that his personal space is rapidly melting. The unceremonious behavior of women who believe that a loved one is their property becomes an excellent reason for scandals and stormy showdowns.

Arrogance. Women often show their arrogant attitude. This is manifested in pouting lips and a haughty look. However, not all men are ready to tolerate such manifestations of a "royal" character. Boys from school are nervous about criticism and endless claims of friends. Having matured, they will no longer listen to moralizing. But once you let the lady understand that you need to moderate your ardor, the other side of arrogance appears - resentment. Pouting lips and proud eyes again.

Pretense. Any man knows how cunning women are. Their minds subtly come up with ways to deceive. Even in Russian folk tales, the main character, Ivan, is necessarily a fool. And Vasilisa will definitely be the Wise. What the most ordinary girl can think of is incomparable with men's fantasies. The young ladies organize performances for us with amazing drama, which is capable of making any man mad.

Irrational. Everyone has long known that it is not worth looking for logic in women's actions. The behavior of women often causes misunderstanding, bewilderment and anxiety in men. In the end, the man will start to get nervous, not understanding the lady's motives. She can be meaningfully silent or speak in hints, giving the man the right to guess what is meant. As a result, communication in different languages ​​will quickly become a source of irritation. The consequence of such thinking can be unnecessary. Women find it easy to be late for dates. A man must wait patiently for them.

Jealousy. What could be worse than causeless female jealousy? It can arise from scratch, it is simply impossible to learn to avoid it. A girl can just dream of something and this becomes a great way for hysterical performances. For many, jealousy is a tonic drink, but this is true only when it just tickles the nerves. It is fortunate when a quarrel based on jealousy leads to a passionate reconciliation in bed. Usually, there are too many such manifestations of female suspicion. This is annoying and pushes the man to the limit.

Infantilism. Beautiful ladies certainly deserve to be courted, cherished and cared for by strong men. The gentlemen are even ready to forgive their lady for some narrow-mindedness. However, when stupidity is accompanied by infantilism, and a capricious woman turns out to be in the hands of a man, then not everyone has enough strength to take care of and please a minor in reason. A lady can behave with whiny and childishly demanding notes, organizing tantrums. Infantilism looks stupid and makes men nervous.

Shop mania. The favorite pastime of women is shopping. An endless love of shopping is simply beyond the power of a normal man to endure. Few are able to share a woman's passion for shopping. As a result, the man nervously languishes next to his friend, whose eyes flare up near the window. The woman is ready to drop into the store "for a minute" and spend an hour there. During this time, a man can do something nervously and create.

Loquacity. This lady's vice is ineradicable. For women, there are no unimportant topics, she will not be able to fall asleep until she discusses everything in the world with her friend. A man can fall asleep even during a conversation, and this is not the worst option. He can patiently listen to female washing of bones by everyone around him, and in his soul irritation will only accumulate on a talkative girlfriend.

Sex blackmail. It happens that for refusing to take out the garbage in the morning in the evening, a man loses sex. Such inaccessibility is a real female blackmail. Realizing their strength, the young ladies begin to take revenge on their men for their even the smallest offenses, denying access to the body. But sex blackmail does not strengthen the relationship, it only rocks them. In response, one should expect from a man not obedience, but discontent and anger.

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