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Astrology (from astro ... and Greek logos - doctrine) is a false doctrine, according to which, according to the location of the heavenly bodies, mainly the planets, it is supposedly possible to predict the outcome of actions taken, as well as the future of individuals and entire nations.

Astrology arose in ancient times as a result of the deification of celestial bodies and celestial phenomena mysterious for ancient people - such as the movement of the planets, the Moon, the Sun, eclipses, etc.

Many natural phenomena on which the life of society depended (for example, the change of day and night, the change of seasons, the onset of periods of the year convenient for hunting and grazing, river floods that determine the timing of agricultural work, etc.) are associated with the laws of rotation Earth around its axis and its revolution around the Sun.

The visible movements of the heavenly bodies during the day and year also depend on these movements. The apparent causal relationship between the positions of the heavenly bodies and natural phenomena gave rise to the idea of ​​the supernatural influence of the heavenly bodies on the life of people.

Do not confuse astrology with such a science as astronomy, since the latter is engaged in the study of "ordinary" earthly phenomena (ebbs, flows) and their interaction with space.

Astrology is considered a pseudoscience and is not included in the compulsory subject of study of the school / university curriculum. In this regard, there are many myths about astrology and astrologers, which we will try to understand.

Astrology myths

With the help of astrology, you can find out your whole destiny. This statement is far from the truth. In reality, astrology can only help a person make the right decision on any issue, and also choose the most favorable time for a particular event.

All astrologers are crooks and charlatans. You shouldn't measure everyone by one yardstick. In any profession, there can be a deceiver posing as an expert in his field, and astrology is no exception. However, this does not mean that you cannot trust any astrologer. Among them there are really experienced and competent individuals who can clearly and clearly give an answer to the question posed.

Astrology is just empty words about nothing. Many people have this mistaken opinion "thanks to" the daily astrological horoscopes published in newspapers and magazines. In reality, experienced astrologers will not engage in such "nonsense", since it is impossible to convey all the information in two sentences. It is the same as trying to shorten Tolstoy's War and Peace and convey it in a few words - the result will be complete absurdity. So in astrology - an astrologer who has serious skills in this phenomenon is able to predict an event with an accuracy of the date and time of its occurrence. But, not all astrologers are given such abilities, it can be compared to receiving an Olympic medal - not all athletes are given to win it.

Astrology is no different from magic. This is not entirely true. Astrology is not capable of changing Fate, it can only describe how this or that event will develop.

It is considered a sin to go to astrologers. Right. The Bible clearly states that God condemns all actions associated with astrology, since there is a penetration into the future by occult methods, and everything should be according to the Word of God.

Astrologers are people with superpowers who can predict everything. This is a controversial statement. Astrologers are ordinary people, they just study astrology in detail and know how to identify this or that event.

Planets and stars cannot influence human life in any way. The planets and stars really do not directly influence human destiny in any way. A certain parallel has been drawn between the motion of the planets and events in the life of people, which makes it possible to reveal something else on the basis of a known event. That is, these concepts can be compared with a certain territory and a map of the area that describes this very territory.

Astrologers' predictions almost never come true. For the most part, this is the case. In very rare cases, the forecast can come true. Typically, the predictions of one astrologer may differ from the predictions of another astrologer on the same issue. Therefore, you should not "program" yourself and wait for the predicted events. After all, predictions give a rough picture of how to behave in specific situations.

An astrologer can predict the date of death. If an astrologer is a professional and has been studying this phenomenon for more than one year, then he is quite capable of determining the date of death of a particular person.

Astrology is not serious. Everyone decides for himself whether or not to believe astrological forecasts. However, there are people (astrologers) who are seriously studying this phenomenon.

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