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Corruption is a disease caused by witchcraft; magical influence of a negative nature, the purpose of which is to harm a certain person. This kind of influence (targeting damage) is carried out most often by professional magicians who fulfill the order of a person who wants to get rid of the enemy, punish the offender or harm someone from their acquaintances (in this case, damage could not be directed at a specific person, but at his relatives, business or property).

Also, witches (from the Old Slavic "to know" - to know) - women practicing magic, as well as whispering women and devil worshipers (Satanists) - were endowed with the ability to induce damage. The same witches and whisperers, like healers, were engaged in removing damage (i.e., cessation of negative magical effects on a person), as well as making amulets that could protect against damage in the future.

Black magicians cause damage, and white ones remove. This kind of division is very arbitrary. Most often, a person who knows how to remove damage is quite capable of directing it, and vice versa. Little depends on the type of magic in this matter - rather, the personal qualities of a person matter.

The more experienced the magician who induces damage, the more difficult it will be to remove it. Experts argue that the degree of difficulty in stopping magical effects depends not only on experience, but also on the personal strength of the magician, causing damage. Also, in some cases, it is very difficult to remove damage caused by an amateur who, precisely because of inexperience, does everything "not according to the rules." Most often, such a wrong effect simply has no effect, but if it does work, it is very difficult to find the appropriate reaction.

If the one who caused the damage dies, the impact stops. No, this kind of influence does not depend on the presence or absence of a magician in the world of the living. Moreover, it is difficult, and sometimes almost impossible to remove damage if the person who caused it has already died.

Various things and substances are used to induce damage. More often than not, this is true. To induce damage, the so-called baggage ("baggage") is used, i.e. an object made specifically for this purpose from certain components (bird feathers, hair, wool, threads, animal (bird) bones, excrement, eggs, burnt matches, glass, candle stubs, etc.). Also, to induce damage, cemetery earth, "dead water" (that is, water used to wash the deceased), puta (ie, the ropes that tie the hands and feet of the deceased during the funeral ceremony), shavings from the coffin, various piercing and cutting objects (needles, knives, scissors), stones. In addition, in some cases, ordinary household items (clothes, shoes, dishes and even household appliances) can be used to induce damage. But sometimes this kind of influence is performed without the use of material objects - for example, by casting certain spells.

In order to bring damage, the magician must visit the dwelling or communicate with the person on whom he is going to influence. In some cases, sorcerers do indeed penetrate a person's house and, for example, quietly sew the load into a pillow or throw it, for example, under a closet (behind wallpaper, in a flower pot, etc.). But this condition is by no means necessary - sometimes it is enough to go up to the house or personal plot and bury the load in the ground, or hide it under the threshold or behind the door trim. Also, magicians can use children to bring a certain kind of information into the house, treating them on the street with sweets or giving them gifts (or, as if by accident, "dropping" this or that thing with certain information - it is for this reason that various objects should not be lifted on the street, especially piercing-cutting). Communication with the one on whom the impact is planned is not particularly important for the magician - a photograph of this person is enough, and in some cases - the presence of someone who knows the future victim of witchcraft well.

Over time, damage can go away on its own. Misconception. Over the years, the effect of damage only intensifies; without the ritual of removal, it itself cannot pass. An exception is damage induced by any household item. By removing a thing from home, you can get rid of negative information.

Things thrown into the house for the purpose of causing damage must be immediately collected and burned or thrown away at the intersection. Firstly, you should never touch suspicious objects with your hands (for example, hair tied with a thread or bird feathers woven into a ring) - you should use a scoop and a broom for this purpose (or a mitten, paper, rag,). Secondly, the baggage should not be burned, since in some cases the damage is additionally directed towards the smoke, i.e. in the process of burning an object, the impact only intensifies. Therefore, it is best to throw away (or bury) the baggage found in some vacant lot not visited by people (in no case at the crossroads!), While saying prayers or special incantations.

Damage and evil eye are one and the same. Quite a widespread opinion, which appeared for the reason that some types of spoilage in their effect resemble the evil eye. But there is still a difference. The main difference between these types of influences is that the evil eye destroys the protective shell, while damage acts differently - it blocks energy exchange, as a result of which a person cannot get rid of his own "waste" energy and replenish the depleting supply of vitality. In addition, damage is most often sent deliberately, with ill will, and you can jinx a person by accident, without even wishing him harm.

There are many types of spoilage that have different effects on a person. It really is. There are three types of damage: "Health damage", "Death damage", "Bad life damage". These species, in turn, are subdivided into many varieties that have one or another effect on humans. For example, damage "Cocoon" ("Warm robe") or total damage is a complete closure of any channels of energy exchange with the outside world, which affects both the physical and spiritual components of a person. "Sash", which consists in "girding" a person in the place of concentration of vital force, is very similar to a "cocoon", but the effect is more selective, mainly on the creative potential. "Cap of Monomakh" - the impact on human consciousness. The "Crown" acts in about the same way, but, unlike the "Hat" - not constantly, but with a certain frequency set by the magician. To hit specific areas of the human body, the "Dart" ("Lance" or "Lance") damage is used, and the influence of the "Achilles' heel" is used to accomplish just (and sometimes not entirely fair) revenge. Damage of "Mittens" ("Thimble", "Gloves") is often sent not to the person himself, something objectionable to the magician or the customer of influence, but to his relatives (most often children). Under such influence, a person begins to spoil and break things, since he practically loses control over his own hands. The "Crystal Shoe" ("Horseshoe", "Cinderella's Shoe") is one of the methods for controlling human movements. "Forget-me-not" is capable of depriving memory and distorting the perception of the world, "Scissors" cause cooling of feelings, "Cassandra" leads to the fact that people around him no longer trust a person. Corruption "Apple of discord", based on envy of the prosperity or success of another person, can create an atmosphere of ill will around him, etc.

Corruption "the crown of celibacy" is the impact that programs a person to be alone. This opinion is indeed firmly entrenched in society. However, experts argue that the effect, called the "crown of celibacy", is in fact only one of the manifestations of damage aimed at "closing the clan" (most often this type of magical effect is manifested by diseases and frequent deaths of family members, the absence of male heirs, or the same infertility of representatives of a certain surname).

If damage is directed at a person, this can be noticed quite quickly, since changes in the state of his physical or mental health begin almost immediately. Not always. Firstly, some changes proceed identically to certain diseases (physical or mental). Secondly, there are some types of damage (for example, "Pocket"), the negative impact of which is manifested only under the confluence of certain circumstances, sometimes several years after exposure to a person.

Corruption can be easily recognized. Unfortunately, this is not entirely true. Due to the variety of types and varieties of spoilage, there are many different signs, many of which are very reminiscent of physical illness (both acute and chronic), or mental disorders. For example, manifestations of the "Cocoon" corruption - apathy, depression, isolation, loss of desire to live. With a relatively normal state of health, a "sash" deprives a person of the opportunity to show his creative abilities (often this state is called a "creative crisis"), as a result of which he can commit suicide. "Cap of Monomakh" and "Crown" enslaves the will of man (in some cases - many people), "Spear" most often manifests itself in the form of various diseases (ulcers, warts, barley, fever, etc.), "Needle" is expressed in the manifestation of the strongest interest in one of the representatives of the opposite sex ("sticking") or in an addiction (drug addiction, drunkenness), and the person is not filled with love, but only experiences mental suffering, even for a short time apart from the object of passion. Some types of corruption ("Forget-me-not") affect a person's worldview, others ("Cassandra", "Apple of Discord") present the person himself to society in a distorted light, etc.
But certain general signs that a person has been affected can in some cases still be identified. It is believed that damage "enters" a person not abruptly, but in stages. Initially, there is a "absorption" of spoilage, manifested by disorders of the nervous system predominantly (short temper, irritability, resentment, etc., which was not previously characteristic of a person, appears). The next stage is the penetration of dark energy into the spine, which is revealed by pain in the lower back, back, shoulders. And only after that, the damage reaches its final goal (diseases, quarrels, losses, etc. begin).

Damage is directed only at a single person. Much depends on the type of damage and on the wishes of the customer. In some cases, the whole family may suffer from damage, in others - the property of a person or group of people. And some types of damage ("Monomakh's Hat", "Crown"), induced by strong personalities, the conductors of one idea or another, who perceive other people only as conductors and implementers of certain ambitious plans, are generally designed for a large number of people, and how the stronger and more ambitious the "evil genius" (historical examples - Hitler, Stalin, Mao Zedong) - the wider and deeper the impact on the minds of others.

Only an experienced magician or sorceress can determine whether damage is directed at a person. It is best to really contact people with experience in diagnosing and removing spoilage. But there are also many tests that help the person himself determine whether he is being influenced from outside. For example, salt water is poured into a glass (preferably not faceted), put on the palm of the left hand, the right palm is placed over the glass, a certain conspiracy or prayer is pronounced. Having put the glass on the table, they take matches in their right hand, hold them for a while, then, alternately lighting and letting them burn by 2/3, throw the matches into the water and observe them for several minutes. If a match (one or several) is completely or partially immersed in water in 1-2 minutes, damage is directed at the person. Its strength and focus can be judged by the number of drowned matches and the degree of their immersion in the liquid (for example, if all the matches sank to the bottom - done for death, if they don't reach the bottom - for illness, etc.). If the matches do not sink, there is no effect.

For protection against damage, amulets and charms made by magicians have long been used. This is true, and it was believed that the effectiveness of the amulet depends on the strength of the magician who made it. Sometimes a photograph of a magician is positioned as an amulet, which should always be carried with you (in your pocket or behind the lining of clothing) to protect against negative influences. However, in some cases, the properties of amulets were endowed with household items: a scythe (which was placed on the night of Ivan Kupala in the barn in order to avoid targeting damage to animals), a broom (it should have been installed at the door with the handle down), scissors (hung over the door by one of the rings ), church candles (the ones that burned during some church rituals, for example, singing the "Symbol of Faith"), a Remez nest (attached to the horns of a cow as a talisman), and so on, endowed with special power. It was also believed that you can independently make an amulet that protects against damage - for this it is enough, for example, to have a sprig of willow (birch), holy water, an icon (any), a piece of colored cloth and know the corresponding conspiracy. Strong amulets that can protect against magical effects are also certain icons ("Seven-shot", "Unbreakable Wall"), attached either above the front door, or opposite the door, or carried constantly with them, and prayers (Psalm 90, the prayer of Cyprian and etc.).

There are many ways to protect against damage, and if a person wants to protect himself from negative influences from the outside, he should constantly use one of them. It depends on what methods of protection are in question. If about Christian prayers or wearing a talisman, then yes - they can be used daily. Psychological methods of protection are also suitable. For example, using the "Mountain River" method - a person imagines that he is in a stream of clean water that washes away everything bad, "Mirror Perception" - in this case, they draw a mirror in their imagination and, peering into an imaginary reflection, mentally shield it with a barrier (for example, in the form of a luminous aura). Protection of the "Wall" consists in the mental construction of a barrier (wall) between oneself and the negative impact, while cultivating one's own confidence in invulnerability. Some techniques are used to neutralize certain types of magical effects. For example, to protect the Warm Robe from damage, you can put on your old robe and imagine that everything bad, coupled with unwillingness to live, is absorbed into the fabric. After that, the robe is carefully removed, taken out to a deserted place and burned, placing 3 church candles around. The corruption of the "Monomakh's Hat" can be neutralized by clearing one's own thoughts (to facilitate this process, it is proposed to use visualization above the head of a shining dome, which would prevent the penetration of other people's thoughts). Protecting yourself from the influences of "Spear", "Achilles' heel", "Cinderella's shoe", "Glove" should be imagined as a warm cloud enveloping the affected area and absorbing negative energy. But there are many protection methods, the use of which "in vain" can negatively affect the person who used them.In addition, the frequent use of these methods weakens a person's aura, which in itself is capable of reflecting a rather strong magical effect.

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