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An online game is a computer game that uses a permanent connection to the Internet.

Online games are divided into several types. Indeed, online games are divided into browser and client. They differ in traffic consumed, connection method and much more.

Browser games are completely uninteresting, not dynamic, and not at all relevant. This misconception remained as the first impression of those simple 10-20 page games, which were really too elementary and quickly bored. But progress does not stand still and online browser games are no exception. Modern technologies, for example Flash, make it possible to transform a browser game from a picture into a full-fledged game. At the same time, browser games still have one of the main trump cards - low traffic consumption.

Browser games are outdated. This is rather a false opinion, because such games have begun to develop in full growth only recently and have not yet had time to fully reveal themselves. At the moment there are many popular portals and most likely the very definition of "browser game" will be slightly corrected for the better. Despite the fact that in the modern world almost everyone at home has access to unlimited Internet traffic, many have a need for a wireless type of connection, which at the moment, for the most part, is paid for by traffic. Therefore, online games do not face death in the near future.

There are only a few genres of browser games. Browser games managed to implement absolutely all genres of PC games, from shooters to gambling. Moreover, in browser games, most often the game is not played between a person and a computer, but between two or more people.

You can make money in browser games. Yes, this is possible, since online casinos can also be classified as browser games. There is a separate category of genre games in which it is possible to obtain real funds, but such games often require payment for use, you pay money for access to the game world, or other investments. As for the benefit of the owner of a genre game - most often he drives paid gaming services - Donate, you donate a certain amount to the server, and in gratitude you receive game value or an advantage that is difficult or impossible to obtain through gaming.

In order to play the client game, you need to download a special client program. In most cases, this is so, since client games are most often full-fledged, complex programs with their own game world and many possibilities. But the simpler ones can most often be played through auxiliary means, for example, several client games are included in the ICQ Internet messenger. The client software is usually free.

MMORPG is the main branch of client games. Yes, this is really so, it is she who is the most developed. MMORPG is often a huge virtual world in which the player acts with the help of his chosen hero. MMORPG differs from RPG in that in addition to computer characters in the game there are real ones. Most of the game is built on player interaction and personal development (RPG element). The storyline is most often presented in the form of a choice, otherwise the player is completely free. Quests also remained from the RPG - tasks from non-playable characters, for which the player will receive a monetary reward or other things necessary to advance through the storyline. In addition to the players, there are non-playable characters in the game - NPCs. NPCs give quests, sell items, and so on.

There are official servers from the developers of MMORPG games. Yes it is. Game servers are divided into official and non-official, the latter are usually called shards. Official servers have a fixed access fee and are divided by region. Not official ones are free, but they have more paid services than official ones. In addition, official servers have an advantage since they use official developments, and most often Java copies on shards. As a result, there are always more work items, quests, etc. on the official servers. they are more stable and with updates, they do everything at once, unofficial ones try to copy for a long time, or write something like the official one. In addition, the official server has a minimum of paid services, since it is maintained at the expense of a fixed monthly fee, the unofficial ones are maintained at the expense of paid services or things that are difficult or impossible to get through the game. This often leads to a game imbalance.

MMORPG games are categorized by type. Yes, they are split according to the principle - player versus world, player versus player, group of players versus another group or world. But most often they contain several of the above types.

Online games are a good way to kill time. This is one of the main distinguishing features of this genre. The games are designed so that a person has something to do during the entire storyline, this increases interest in the game and the time spent on it.

Online client games consume a lot of traffic. Unfortunately, this is really the case, they consume more traffic than browser ones, but they are more developed. Although many have a mode to save traffic.

The client program is very heavy. The size of the program ranges from 800 megabytes to 3 gigabytes. This is due to the fact that these programs have good graphics and they contain a large amount of information that is necessary for connection and full work.

Online client games exist only for Windows. It is not that most of the programs are available in Linux versions.

Online client games work only on PC. This is because game consoles either do not have Internet access or are not widespread on a massive scale.

In an MMORPG, it is impossible to create a universal character who can do everything. This is true, because the MMORPG genre itself presupposes team play throughout the entire RPG storyline. Therefore, a character can master a specific profession and will specialize in it, for example, no one can heal like a healer, and at the same time, no one can withstand as much damage as a tank. Most often there are several professions - Tank (withstands a lot of damage, but cannot do it himself), Healer (can heal, sometimes increase the parameters of characters by imposing a "buff" but is powerless in any type of battle), causing damage (deals a large amount of damage, but has weak defense). Most often, the last profession has 2 options - a magician and a warrior, they differ in the way of fighting and strength. Additional professions may also be present.

To play well and develop quickly, you need to be a friend of the GM (server administrator). Here the question of the reliability of the server is already touched upon, firstly, if the server deserves its reputation and the person who created it really takes it seriously, then this statement is false. Since the above GM is not profitable to help friends, this will lead to the loss of people on the server. But if the server is for one day or just for personal toys, then similar cases will take place. Most large servers hire people to work as GMs, for many reasons, for example, you need to maintain order, but there is no opportunity to be in the game all the time, for example, there are things of the highest importance. In this case, when you catch a GM on such things, it is enough to write to the chief administrator (server organizer). His e-mail or other contact details are most often indicated on the "Contacts" page. But remember one thing - on no serious and solid server GMs will not help friends. If this happens, it says only about the irresponsibility or frivolity of the server organizer.

Money from "donations" goes to the chief administrator in the pocket. This is not entirely true, of course - some go exactly to the specified address, but only a part, since payment is required for hosting the server, for a dedicated address, domain. In addition, one should not be so sure of the administration's inaction, because elementary logic dictates that the better and more stable the server, the more people there are, and the more of those "donations" part of which goes to the administration's pocket. Therefore, everyone is interested in improving the server and it is impossible to say for sure that 100% goes into your pocket.

Um is the coolest person on the server, so everyone wants to be. On most reputable and responsible servers, this is not the case, the problem of helping GMs to friends was already discussed above, and the answer was this - it is forbidden. Many are attracted to this position by a certain status and power, but as mentioned above, on solid and serious servers, the GM has no right to interfere with the game except for circumstances not foreseen by the gameplay. Another thing is that often the GM receives a certain fee, for which he works. In other words, being a GM does not mean running around the server with the best stuff, etc. etc. This is a responsible and serious work on setting up and debugging the server, finalizing the nth one. The only moment when the GM interferes with the gameplay (Except for unforeseen circumstances) is the holding of "events" (contests, or any other specially planned and organized events by the administration).

There are bugs in servers that everyone uses and gets the best stuff. There is a flaw in any server, but one should not forget the line between the gameplay and an error, often in the game there are quite profitable places that can bring a lot of income, but this does not mean that they are game errors. Errors are unexpected actions that are impossible by definition. For example, increasing the chance of upgrading a weapon for no reason provided by the game is a mistake. But buying special things that increase this chance is gameplay. In addition, such actions are monitored and punished as they are detected on almost all game servers.

Anyone who has a desire and a small start-up capital can organize their own game server. Quite right, you can organize it, release it on the Internet, too, since this will require minimal costs, but in order to make the server visited and stable, larger funds will be required. Plus, don't forget about your competitors. Creating your own server requires not so much money investment as free time and a strong desire to go forward, fall, get up and go forward again, no matter what. Because it is not so easy to fight against already well-known competitors and you need to be ready for anything, even that efforts and funds will be wasted.

You can choose a server to play on a site with a rating. Quite a good way, although on some servers they give special rewards for voting, which leads to more intense voting, but this method is still quite good and effective. Still, it contains basic information about the server, such as the platform, chronicles, rates, etc.

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