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Italy (Italia), Italian Republic (La Repubblica Italiana) - a state in southern Europe in the central Mediterranean. The shores of Italy are washed by the seas: in the west - the Ligurian and Tyrrhenian, in the south - the Ionian, in the east - the Adriatic.
About 20% of the borders are land-based, they pass mainly along various parts of the Alps. In the north, it borders with France, Switzerland, Austria, in the north-east with Yugoslavia. The territory of Italy covers the southern slopes of the Alps, the Padan Plain, the Apennine Peninsula, the islands of Sicily and Sardinia and numerous small islands.
The area is 301.2 thousand km2. Population 54.7 million. (1971). The capital is Rome. Administratively, it consists of 20 regions (including 2 islands), which are divided into provinces, the latter into communes.

The island of Sardinia was named after the sardine fish that lives in the waters there. In fact, these fish are practically not found in the waters of Sardinia. The island owes its name to the nephew of Hercules named Sardus, who settled on this land in ancient times. His descendants, that is, the current population of the island, call themselves Sardis, hence the name.

In the old days, the famous Sardinian resort of Costa Smeralda had only numerous deserted dunes and gray rocks. Indeed, it was so ... but at one point, millionaire Karim Agahan bought 55 km of Costa Smeralda beaches and turned them into an elite and expensive resort, which is famous all over the world.

In Italy, gossip is the main entertainment. That's what's right, that's right. Men especially love to gossip. Most likely, the whole point is that Italians are a very sociable people. It costs them nothing to talk to a complete stranger, and on any topic. What can we say about gossip, especially if you have someone to scratch your tongue with.

Italians don't know how to swear. Who said? They swear, and how! Italians are very hot-tempered people, but a real scandal can only break out within their home or on a TV show.

In Italy, everyone follows fashion. You can argue with that. Basically, everyone there wears what he likes and what he (she) is comfortable in. Moreover, requests from finance are practically independent. They can afford to buy a thing both in a prestigious boutique and in a simple clothing market.

The people in this country are disorderly and lazy. Everywhere there are disorderly and lazy people. But still, in Italy, even if they do something for too long, they try to make temporary conditions that help to endure the inconvenience. For example, a break in a central street can interfere with normal pedestrian traffic. In this case, the Italians make special bridges over the pit for pedestrians and fences so as not to fall into this pit. When the working day comes to an end, the street is washed and temporary asphalt is laid. And after all the work is completed, the street is again tiled.

Italians are very loving and passionate. But you can't argue with that. Even if a person is already well over 60, he is still ready for a long and serious relationship. In addition, in Italy, almost all television and radio programs are simply "obsessed" with sexual topics.

In Pompeii, after the eruption of the volcano, there is nothing to even see - only ruins and dust. Although Pompeii is considered a dead city, this does not mean that nothing remains of the once large and beautiful city. There are perfectly preserved houses, all kinds of city squares, and the streets and streets are not measured at all. So it is quite possible to admire the architecture of that time in this mysterious city.

In Venice, you will not find wheeled vehicles anywhere, not even a bicycle. Yes, that's right. This is due to the fact that the streets of this city are very narrow, so you can only move around the city on foot. But it's not all bad. Since Venice is a city built on water, there are a lot of water channels. Therefore, residents move with the help of a gondola, a long narrow boat driven by a special person - a gondolier.

In Italy, all roads lead to Rome. This statement is widely known. And it is absolutely true, because how is it to be in Italy and not be in Rome? As a rule, one day is not enough to "explore" the capital. Why is there a day, life is not enough to look into all corners of this eternal city!

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