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Love spell is one of the types of magical effects, the purpose of which is to form attraction (emotional or physical) of one person to another. For this type of magical help, magicians and sorcerers have long been addressed by people suffering from failures in love affairs or various family troubles (cooling feelings, adultery, etc.)

Depending on what kind of magic is used in the implementation of the mentioned divination, a white and black love spell is distinguished. At the same time, it is believed that the black love spell is the most dangerous for both the victim of exposure and for the practitioner and for the customer, since it does not imply the presence of any restrictions (in particular, in the choice of means and methods of influence) and is associated with powerful ancient magic , which few of the practitioners are fully cognized.

There are many varieties of love spell. It really is. Much depends on the goals of the customer. For example, a love spell presupposes the manifestation of a strong affection and passionate attraction towards the customer of the love spell in a person who has undergone the mentioned influence and is used if one of the partners wants to translate friendly relationships into romantic ones or to strengthen feelings that are fading over time. Sexual love spell ignites only carnal passion in a person, while feelings may not flare up. It is mainly used if the customer is interested in the mentioned person only as a sexual object, or tender feelings already exist, but passionate desire does not arise for any reason. A tie or a gillet is a kind of love spell that leads to the fact that an erection in a man (attraction in a woman) arises exclusively to the customer of this influence, the rest of the opposite sex of a person is simply not interested as sexual objects. Love spell on melancholy (addiction), as the name implies, should cause a person strong melancholy (in some cases accompanied by a loss of peace, sleep, appetite, interest in life) for the customer of this impact (even being next to which the bewitched will not find rest appeasement). Most often, this type of love spell is ordered in order to take revenge on a partner for treason, resentment, etc. A wedding love spell is done if one of the partners cannot decide to register a relationship, and the second is not satisfied with this state of affairs.

Only weak-willed and stupid people suffer from a love spell. Misconception. The effectiveness of this effect depends only on the suggestibility of a person, which in very strong personalities endowed with an outstanding intelligence can be extremely high, and almost completely absent in people who do not have the above advantages.

The effect of the love spell will manifest itself immediately after the ritual. Such cases do occur, but they are very rare. Most often, the effect manifests itself after some time - after several weeks, or even months after the love spell.

Love spell acts for a very long time, sometimes - until the end of life. According to experts, the impact of this kind, produced by magicians-Europeans or Asians, is strongest only for 1-2 years, after which its effectiveness begins to slowly decrease. But it is also not worth hoping that the love spell will come to naught by itself, especially if the relationship still could not be saved. A strong emotional focus on the personality of the customer may fade away, but the energy connection remains for a long time, making it difficult for both partners to arrange their destiny. Therefore, if for any reason the love spell has lost its relevance for this couple, it must be removed. In addition, there are superpowerful influences belonging to the category of black witchcraft, which can really bind one person to another for a long time. For example, a love spell in Kabbalah (Hebrew teaching) is designed for many years. Voodoo love spells (magical African American art) are also quite effective, but it should be borne in mind that the bloody rituals used in this type of magic simply turn the bewitched person into a zombie. The most powerful witchcraft is considered Palo Mayombe (Africa), but in Europe, Asia and America, few people own it.

A love spell can create a bond between people "from scratch". This is not true. For example, a wedding love spell will work only if the relationship was initially good - there was only a small push from the outside. If the connection between people is fragile or even close to breaking, you should first strengthen the relationship, and only after that proceed to the implementation of the mentioned energy impact.

A love spell will help solve any relationship problems. No, this type of influence only contributes to the strengthening of feelings, and for some time can smooth out, make less noticeable some "sharp angles" in relations between partners. But the love spell will not help completely remove the contradictions, therefore, in order not to suffer from the same problems after the end of the magical effect, they should be solved as long as the love spell is valid, and the transformation of the relationship can be relatively painless.

Love spell changes the fate of a person. An impact of this kind can only temporarily enhance a person's sensibility in relation to the customer of the love spell. But at the end of this magical ritual, if this partner is not destined for you by fate, you will most likely part.

The person who is targeted by the love spell radically changes his character - he is only interested in the customer of this influence, completely losing interest in everything else. This is not entirely true. A person's feelings really intensify - he begins to treat his partner with great attention, shows emotions and sensuality more vividly, seeks meetings, etc. But the character and reactions to certain events in a person's life do not change.

There are certain signs by which one can understand - a love spell is imposed on a person. Impact of this kind can only be diagnosed by experienced magicians. But some changes in the behavior of the victim of magical influence can signal that the person is bewitched. Most often, a love spell is revealed in the fact that a person abruptly changes his position in relation to a partner - from words about love and descriptions of the subsequent happy family life, he abruptly turns to conversations about an immediate break in relations. This position during periods of "enlightenment" sharply changes to the opposite: a person says that he cannot understand what is happening, he loves and wants to continue the relationship, but after literally a few hours he "forgets" what has been said and starts talking about parting again. The victim of the aforementioned magical effect is characterized by irritability, fussiness, hyperactivity, anger (you should especially be on your guard if the mentioned traits were not previously characteristic of a person). He can also suddenly inflame with love for a certain person of the opposite sex (which, if he knew before, he did not perceive as a possible partner for sexual or love relationships), and he will react to criticism addressed to her either very aggressively or simply “not to hear "of all that is said to him. In addition, a love spell causes certain changes in appearance, especially a person's eyes change.

With a bewitched person, you should behave as usual, and, if possible, find a way to remove the negative energy impact. Yes, if a person wants to maintain a relationship with a partner, it is imperative to remove a love spell. But it is not so easy to find an experienced magician, and you will not be able to stop this kind of influence instantly - removing a love spell can take from 3 days to 2 weeks. Therefore, you need to know how to behave correctly with a bewitched partner. Firstly, it should be taken into account that a person is in a certain altered state of consciousness that distorts his perception of reality. Therefore, words spoken in this state should not be taken seriously. Secondly, one should try to avoid "sharp corners" during conversations and in no case make long-term forecasts for the future. You should also be prepared for the fact that much more often you will have to compromise, so as not to provoke a partner who is under the influence of a love spell to rash actions.

Love spell can be dangerous to human life or health. If this energetic effect is carried out by an experienced magician, there will be no negative consequences either for the bewitched or for the customer. But if the love spell was directed by an amateur, or the aforementioned effect was combined with damage, various kinds of health troubles are possible (a person can get sick, cool to the opposite sex in general and to a partner in particular, lose interest in life, etc.) and when removed - return of a negative energy message to the author and customer of the love spell-damage.

In order to carry out a love spell, the magician needs a photograph of the person who will be influenced. Indeed, the presence of a photograph is an essential aid in carrying out this magical ritual. But instead of a photo, the customer can provide the magician with some thing (jewelry, clothes, shoes), as well as hair or nails of the person being bewitched, or a note written by his hand - these items will be enough for the impact to be successful.

If the person who ordered the love spell visits the church, the magical effect is canceled. Experts believe that going to church affects this type of influence only if the customer decides to confess. Visiting temples for any other purpose is perfectly acceptable.

You can charm the object of passionate love yourself. If you have energy power and certain knowledge, which is not difficult to draw from books or from the Internet these days, you can really carry out the above influence on your own. From the point of view of ordinary people, it is both cheaper and easier. However, experts warn of some difficulties, which an untrained person cannot always cope with. First, any contact with otherworldly forces involved in this ritual is fraught with a certain danger for the practitioner (it can negatively affect health or well-being). Therefore, preparing for any magical ritual, you should definitely protect yourself from negative influences. Secondly, the location of the ritual should be carefully selected. It is better for an unprepared person to refrain from bewitching at the cemetery, since the energy of this place is very strong, and with insufficient professional protection, it can cause a lot of harm. It is also not recommended to carry out the ritual in your own apartment, since negative energy can remain in the room and subsequently bring a lot of trouble to the inhabitants and guests of the house. If the home is still chosen as a place for the ritual - you need to at least light the candles and open the windows (window) - in this case, some of the negative will be neutralized. Thirdly, it should be remembered that a love spell can act slowly and weakly, or not work at all, if a certain magical effect has already been performed on a person (evil eye, damage, love spell or lapel). Therefore, experienced magicians, before getting down to business, necessarily diagnose a person for the presence of external influence. And, finally, you need to know exactly how this or that ritual works and clearly imagine all the consequences of your own actions, since otherwise you may be unpleasantly surprised by the consequence of your own divination.

It is possible to achieve attractiveness in the opposite sex without implementing a love spell. There are many ways to increase your own attractiveness - both for the opposite sex in general and for a particular person in particular. In the first case, the so-called. "beacon of attraction" - a ritual, after which a person is very popular with the opposite sex. The ritual "beauty of the rose" will help to improve the external data (you should make a mask of whipped egg white of a fertilized chicken egg, and bury the yolk under a rose bush so that the beauty of the flower passes to the person who performed the ritual) and bathing on a full moon (and the moon must be reflected in water), as well as an increase in her own attractiveness through interaction with the forces of nature (for the growing moon, you need to go to the most beautiful birch and ask her for some strength and beauty, while, according to experts, a woman must be dressed in a skirt, because . the ritual does not work on a lady dressed in trousers or jeans; another ritual is performed on the waning moon, aimed at receiving strength from the earth). The "talismans of divination", charged by the magician in such a way as to cause a passionate attraction to to the owner of the talisman (moreover, if the talisman is lost or simply left at home, the impact will not appear). A similar talisman can be created by a person himself, having made a slander on a ring with a red stone.

You can protect yourself from a love spell yourself. If the impact has already been made and there is a possibility of repeated bewitching, both the removal ritual and the setting of protection are best left to an experienced magician. But if this is not possible, you can try to independently change the state of affairs for the better. There are certain rituals for this. For example, it is recommended to stock up on two containers of water, in one of which put aspen shavings and boil, and while the water is boiling, read the conspiracies over both containers in turn. After waiting for the night, the water with shavings should be poured near the house, and a piece of bread eaten in complete silence should be washed down with clean water. If a person is simply afraid of suffering from a love spell, he can use another ritual, for which you will need an old comb, cloth, 6 white candles and 1 red candle (purchased on one of the 3 days of the new moon). After carrying out the ritual, accompanied by reading conspiracies, the comb should be buried under a dry tree, and, having bought a new comb, before using it for the first time, also read the conspiracy. To protect against a love spell, you can use stones-amulets, for example, a tiger's and a falcon's eye, as well as Christian attributes (pectoral cross, icons, prayers). And, of course, the most effective protection against witchcraft is true faith, which protects even the most powerful magical attacks (for example, the biblical story about the pagan sorcerer Cyprian (later repented) and Justini, who protected herself from his divination by the power of prayer, fasting, the sign of the cross and faith in Jesus Christ).

Lapel and love spell removal are the same thing. No, these are different rituals. Removing a love spell is the termination of the magical effect of a certain kind. A lapel is a ritual that helps the customer to free himself from feelings for a partner, or to cool the excessive passion of a person with whom he is not going to start a romantic relationship. It is also used if the customer wishes to break off the relationship between the husband (wife) and his mistress (lover).

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