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Mineral water is a water that contains trace elements, dissolved salts and active elements. Mineral water is also suitable for external use, baths are made with it, the upper respiratory tract and the body are rinsed with it.

Mineral water is abundantly presented on the shelves of our stores, it can be freely purchased and taken at home. Some of the most popular misconceptions about mineral water are worth debunking.

Mineral water can be drunk only on the recommendation of a doctor. At present, various types of mineral water enter the bottle. It can be a medical dining room or just a canteen. And they should be distinguished, because the products are different. There are no restrictions for the use of table water, but it is better not to consume the medical-table variety regularly. It is usually recommended by a physician for therapeutic purposes. There are no pitfalls in the choice of table water, but additional and numerous requirements are put forward for water for therapy.

It is better to purchase mineral water in glass containers than in plastic ones. Plastic containers have their undeniable advantages - they are easier to transport, they are airtight. If polyethylene terephthalate is present in the composition, then the container will be harmless. Under normal conditions, when water is stored, nothing is released into it. But in the mid-1990s, when plastic containers were just beginning to appear in our country, manufacturers often used polyvinyl chloride (PVC). In such containers, after three months, the concentration of harmful substances exceeded the permissible limits. The water began to smell unpleasant. Most likely, it was then that this myth was born. People have become wary of plastic bottles. There is such a problem today. Flyer companies can use the cheapest option for their packaging. They can afford it, disappearing faster than the regulatory authorities can reach them. Serious manufacturers will not allow themselves to produce PVC containers. That is why it is worth choosing trusted companies that have been on the market for a long time. Scientists have tested the electrical conductivity and magnetic radiation of mineral water in different containers. It turned out that in plastic, the liquid is more stable. This refutes the well-established myth of the superiority of plastic. In general, the choice of packaging strongly depends on the mentality of people. So, in Germany, plastic is chosen by 5% of people, and in America - 80%, in Brazil, in general, 97%. The reasons are in the packaging history. In Europe, they began to pour mineral water from the middle of the 19th century, naturally, into glass. But in Brazil, such a product appeared only in the 1960s, when more technological packaging came to the market.

Mineral water is the same as sparkling water. It is worth separating these two concepts. Mineralization implies the presence of calcium, magnesium and potassium salts. Aeration implies the presence of carbon dioxide CO2 in the liquid. There are reasons why mineral water is carbonated. Leading manufacturers do this to make the liquid taste good. But some manufacturers, who do not guarantee the quality of their product, try to kill microorganisms with gas. That is why it is worth choosing proven brands of goods.

Carbonated mineral water is harmful. Even Paracelsus said that any substance can become poison. It's just a question of quantity. The tradition of consumption of carbonated or non-carbonated water also plays a role. So, in the Middle East or Africa, bottled water appeared only recently. There, few people are interested in its carbonated version. But in Eastern Europe, such water is used regularly by 65-70% of citizens. Sparkling mineral water will not harm a healthy person, you just need to know when to stop. This water works well for diluting wine. Many people generally find carbonated water tastier. Much also depends on how the water is carbonated. If this happens at a lower temperature, then the gases will not be visible. At the same time, the water will have a sourish pleasant taste. But recently, new technologies have come into play that operate at normal temperatures. In this case, after the release of gases, no third-party aftertaste is felt.

Mineral-free water is healthier. We have to take good water to make bad. They begin to process it, pass it through filters, membranes, remove salts. The resulting distilled water washes out calcium, worsening human well-being. But high mineralization is also harmful, causing kidney disease.

You can make mineral water yourself. Some people try to add useful salts to purified water, making it "mineral". But then there is no need to talk about any naturalness. In artificial conditions, it is difficult to obtain the same product and with the same composition as is present in the natural version. It is impossible to recreate mineral water, the balance will be upset anyway. Tests were run to prove it. Calcium is absorbed from natural water twice as much as from distillate with the same amount of minerals.

Mineral water can be obtained everywhere, the quality depends only on the depth of the well. The quality of natural water depends on which water layers it is extracted from. Those lie at different depths, so the water in different territories is not the same. It is also worth considering the composition of the soil, not everyone can purify water well. It is naive to think that the quality of water increases with the depth of the well. It is also necessary to take into account the ecological situation in the region. The ground above the water source is a kind of shield on the way of return water. But if for many years industrial waters and agricultural poisons have penetrated into the soil, then the purity of the water can not be expected. At depth, water is under pressure, which helps dissolve trace elements. But among them there may be harmful ones. Environmentalists have found that traces of nitrates, phosphates and pesticides are found at a depth of 700 meters. Finding good sources is difficult. In Ukraine, there are most of them in the Carpathians, where there is not much industry and a weak load on the soil. And in Morshyn, water comes out by gravity. So nature takes care not to pump out water with pumps, but to deliver it to a person immediately outside.

Antibiotics are added to non-carbonated mineral water. According to the myth, this is how long-term storage of liquid is achieved. The legend has appeared recently. In America, a study was conducted on the content of antibiotics and hormonal agents in natural and tap water. Measurements were taken in a hundred cities. It turned out that there are very few antibiotics in tap water. But the same studies found no trace of such substances in bottled water. But this information about foreign studies not only came to us, but also transformed. There is no point in adding antibiotics to bottled mineral water. Not only is there no universal remedy for all microorganisms, but also their use would double the cost of the liquid. And non-carbonated water is stored for a long time for another reason. Microbes cannot spontaneously reproduce; they need to get into the bottle from the outside. With a good production culture, this is impossible. The best manufacturers place in containers clean underground water, which is free of pathogenic microorganisms. From the environment, they also cannot get into the liquid, because in the workshops the air is disinfected with bactericidal lamps. Attention is paid to the clothing of the staff and the cleanliness of bottles and caps.

Mineral water does not undergo additional processing. The mineral water offered for sale can be natural and prepared. And there are significant differences between the two. Natural water comes from a natural underground source. However, extreme care is taken during extraction to preserve all the physical and chemical properties of the liquid. It has its own mineral salts and other chemical elements. When entering from the well, the water temperature is stable. It is bottled near the place of extraction. The treatment of such water is only mechanical, its initial composition does not change. But the prepared water undergoes some external changes in its natural structure. It can be both artificial mineralization and demineralization, ultraviolet treatment, chemical purification, reverse osmosis. In such water, minerals can be of both natural origin and artificially added.

Mineral water is harmful to athletes. During exercise, it is necessary to drink fluids to restore the body's water balance. A lot of physical activity leads to a loss of fluid, without it muscles weaken. And dry workouts have a lower effect. The main minerals for the work of the athlete's body are calcium and magnesium. The first one strengthens bones, activates enzymes, and normalizes heart function. But magnesium helps to accumulate energy in muscles, assimilate protein, improves blood supply to tissues. Mineral water with such elements will help athletes, improve their metabolic processes.

Mineral water can be consumed continuously to quench your thirst. It seems that mineral water can both quench your thirst and bring benefits to the body at the same time. In fact, the human body still needs more ordinary drinking water, which can be periodically replaced with mineral water. Yes, and it is still different. Quenching your thirst with a medicated variety is just as harmful as trying to overcome hunger with headache pills. Indeed, in such mineral water the concentration of salts is 5-7 times higher than the norm. You can only talk about the benefits of those people who have certain diseases. But a healthy person regularly taken medicinal mineral water will even be harmful. It is better to quench your thirst with table water, but to be treated with healing mineral water.

Mineral water should be drunk in its pure form. Sometimes mineral water gives rise to nausea, and there are no other options for quenching your thirst at hand. In this case, it is worth preparing tasty and healthy drinks on its basis. You can add fruit juice to mineral water, in a ratio of two to one. You can compose drinks using mashed fruits, shaking them, juice, ice and water in a shaker. If there is no other way out, how to drink mineral carbonated water, then at least gases should be released from it. They will completely come out of the bottle in 2-3 hours.

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