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Your baby has already grown up, and you think that the time has come when you need to go to work. Or maybe you are just tired of the string of endless hassle? Then you should think: why not invite an assistant? Many families now use babysitting services. And even more parents would like to do this, but the prevailing stereotypes hinder them. Some parents would like to have a nanny in the house, but believe that they cannot afford it, while others are simply afraid to entrust their beloved child to a stranger, but could leave him for a while with a familiar person. So what are the myths around the nanny? And is it really difficult to find a good nanny?

A good nanny is very expensive. Parents come to this conclusion after several calls to a couple of agencies or according to the announcements of the nannies themselves. This is where you actually run into an overpriced service. But there are many women who would like to work as nannies and could do no better than professionals, and for a lower pay. Advertise in the newspaper and choose the person who best suits you. And you can compensate for the low pay with a flexible schedule, the proximity of the place of work to home, or the opportunity to sometimes take the pupil to your home.

The nanny must be aged. Often, parents as a nanny want to see a woman at least 40 years old, and the extreme age limit is often completely silent. Do you really think that a child will feel better with an older woman than with an attractive, active young girl who will be happy to participate in all children's games. Yes, she will not have a lot of experience, but it is enough for her to simply observe you for several days, what and how you do, and she will become your most irreplaceable assistant. In addition, from a young girl you will never hear such phrases like: "We raised our children without diapers, and in six months they themselves asked for a potty" or "I transferred my two to a common table since 7 months, and they have everything is ok with digestion "and so on.

It is best to look for a nanny by acquaintance. This is far from the case. Firstly, in this way, the nanny can wait for more than one year (until the mother's friend retires or until the girl next door finishes her studies). And after a few days of finding a familiar person in your house, you will face some difficulties. First, now all your mutual acquaintances will know all the ins and outs of your family. Secondly, it will be difficult to establish an employer-employee relationship with a familiar person, you will still remain acquaintances in the first place, and it will be difficult for you to make comments to the nanny.

The nanny should only come to our home. Another common misconception. There is nothing wrong with taking the child to the nanny's home, of course, if her living conditions allow it (cleanliness in the apartment, enough space, etc.). A change of scenery is primarily beneficial for the child himself. He will not be as bored as at home. New space, furniture, toys will lure the baby. And when he returns home, he will be less capricious than if he had spent time at home before.

The nanny must have a teacher education. Not necessary. Unfortunately, not all people with a teacher or educator diploma treat children well. But if this is fundamentally important for you, then you should look for a narrow-profile specialist. The fact is that a former physics teacher is unlikely to be able to work with your one and a half year old baby on development methods for young children. And the nursery school teacher is not going to help your child to understand the 3rd grade mathematics course. So this point must be approached wisely.

The nanny needs a medical education. All parents want a nanny with a medical education to sit with their child. For them, this is a guarantee that if the child suddenly feels bad or something happens to him, the nanny will be able to immediately help him. In severe cases, the nanny will not take responsibility and will most likely call an ambulance. And if the child sometimes needs to drip nose drops, or give medicine, then any person can handle it, you can do it!

The nanny should have a recommendation. This is not true. Anyone, before going to work, can ask their friends to write him a couple of good recommendations. Do you really need such recommendations? Let the recommendations be genuine, but you don't know anything about the people who gave them. Perhaps, in one family, they did not get enough of this nanny, and she may not suit you solely because of personal incompatibility.

The child must like the nanny. There is some truth in this statement, but it will be even better if the nanny will be liked not only by your baby, but also by you. A nanny can get along well with a child and skillfully cope with her duties, but at the same time manage the apartment and climb into your personal life. Such a nanny not only will not help you solve your current problems, but will also add them.

Only a working mother needs a nanny. This is fundamentally wrong. Any mother needs a nanny, especially one who is raising a child alone. If you don’t have enough money to pay for a full day, or there is simply no need for it, then the nanny can be invited for a couple of hours a day so that you have time to take care of yourself, clean the apartment, cook dinner, or just soak in the bath.

A good nanny is almost a family member. In fact, it is better not to go beyond the established framework in the relationship, even if the nanny has been working for you for several years. If you do this once, it will be very difficult to return to the previous distance. All that is required of you is timely payment, respect and reasonableness of the nanny requirements.

Changing a nanny is a real challenge. It's not all bad. The challenge is putting up with an uncomfortable nanny every day. Therefore, it is much better to change it, even with little difficulty, than to endure. Don't worry if your child is attached to the nanny. He will just as well become attached to another. The nanny is not a mother. The kid knows that mom will still remain the same. Changing babysitters is as common as changing kindergarten teachers.

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