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Any woman dreams of being the owner of a beautiful body. True, not all of them were gifted by nature. And many people do not dare to work on themselves in the gym. And here various tricks come to the rescue. It has long been known that with the help of clothing you can hide figure flaws and emphasize its advantages. And under the clothes, as it turns out, there is something that corrects the figure.

One can at least mention bras that give the breasts an attractive shape. Such novelties of designers allow women to become more confident.

The buttocks are one of the sexiest parts of the body, but their genetically based shape is quite difficult to correct. Pumping up on simulators does not help much, and loads only lead to a decrease in volume. And there are no diets for giving the buttocks sexual forms. Few decide to implant implants, and the consequences are unpleasant. So such a functional novelty as push-up panties turns out to be very useful. The effect is achieved due to the filling located in the back or side of the panties.

But not all potential owners of this lingerie decide to purchase it. Many are hindered by the many myths that surround push-up panties. Women believe in them, although there is no scientific evidence for such claims. Let's talk about the main misconceptions about this piece of clothing needed in any fashionista's wardrobe.

Buttock push-up is a modern invention. Fashion in different ways at different times dictated the requirements for the proportions of the female figure. At the end of the 19th century, curvy buttocks began to be considered popular. Fashionistas began to use such an accessory as a fokyu roller. It was put under the dress below the waist. Then it was not the width of the hips that was important, but their girth. It is believed that such accessories appeared for the first time in the theater to make skirts lush. At first, the bustle pillow caused bewilderment, but then it became a popular part of the women's wardrobe. Buttock augmentation panties date back to the 1960s. Modern icons of show business: Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian set the fashion for curvy buttocks.

Only by touching a woman's buttocks, a man will immediately understand that she is not real. In modern panties of this type, the same material is used as a filler as for push-up bras. It is not as soft as foam rubber, and when touched, the hand will not obviously fall through. But the inside is not silicone, which is clearly more elastic than skin. A woman should try on these panties and touch her buttocks. It will immediately become clear that the sensations are natural, and the butt itself turned out to be elastic and round.

It will be impossible to walk with false buttocks. Another "scarecrow" claims that with such panties, the skin will be very strong and sweaty. If the linen has silicone liners, then we can really talk about increased sweating and discomfort. But if the panties are really high quality and use a foam accumulator, then the situation is different. Such material has a porous structure and is highly breathable. Panties are comfortable to wear every day. Nothing interferes with the normal functioning of the skin, and the feeling is exactly the same as when using a bra with a foam cup. Sweat and sweat nothing. In summer, there are days so hot that even the most ordinary underwear is uncomfortable. At such a time, it is better to give up panties to increase the buttocks and move away from fitted outfits towards a free cut.

Push-up briefs are short-lived and quickly lose their shape. This is possible when using foam rubber. Due to its porosity, it sags faster. But the foam polyurethane keeps its shape stably. It remains to provide the laundry with proper care. We are talking about hand or delicate wash in water with a temperature of no more than 40 degrees and refusal from automatic drying. But these requirements are identical to the care of regular linen. Even with daily wear of such panties, their replacement will not be needed earlier than six months later.

Those few centimeters, which will give the panties a visual effect, will not provide. The filler used naturally builds volume towards the center of the buttocks and allows you to create truly natural shapes. The woman gets a seductive figure that does not seem too big or artificial. The butt looks absolutely natural. So the opposite statement about unnaturally large body shapes can also be considered a delusion.

Push-up briefs increase the buttocks by several sizes, which will require new clothes. The woman retains the same size, but the clothes will look much more impressive.

Unsafe chemicals are used as push-up filler. To create such panties, an ecological material is used that is biologically inactive. Orthopedic goods and children's soft toys are created from the same substance. There is no need to talk about any allergic reaction to the filler. Typical push-up briefs contain 40% viscose. It is a material made from natural cellulose. Viscose is considered a natural and breathable fiber that allows you to experience maximum comfort. The other 40% of the material is nylon. This synthetic fiber allows the laundry to shrink better. It determines the elasticity, wear resistance and strength of the fabric. Elasticity is given by 10% elastane, while the other 10% comes from other fibers such as bamboo and cotton. Any corrective underwear designed to keep its shape will include synthetic materials. But no one bothers to wear natural cotton under the shaping underwear. So the linen can be protected from frequent washings, and will make it as comfortable and safe to wear as possible for the skin.

Lingerie is too specific and noticeable, it is simply impossible to undress and show it. These panties can be put on under any clothes, and they will look organic there. This is due to the soldering of the drive into the fabric and the absence of pockets and removable inserts. The most important thing is the classic shape of the panties, which does not give one suspicion of a slight "modification" in them. Being in it - you can relax, because its specificity is not obvious. Visually, underwear is no different from simple counterparts. And with the darkening of the color and its density, the soldered filler is even more hidden. On white, the specificity in the density of different parts is still better visible.

Silicone inserts increase the volume of the buttocks better. In special pockets for inserts, you can put two or three such pieces at once, or push a larger volume there. But due to the banal force of gravity, the material under its considerable weight will shift downward. Something foreign will be constantly felt on the body. And the material itself is considered impermeable to air, which will create a greenhouse effect for the skin in the very first minutes of wearing. The downside of such underwear can be considered its obvious specifics. Additional seams do not add elegance to the panties, and the sharp transition from the body to the liners seems obvious from the outside. The pockets themselves, when putting on the linen, begin to stretch over the entire volume of the buttocks and become larger than the filler in them. The extra space makes the linen asymmetrical, which is especially evident during active movements. A woman's thoughts at such moments will only be about how smoothly and naturally the linen sits on her.

Buttock augmentation is a deception and a feminine trick. If earlier women did not particularly try to increase their buttocks visually, now this part has also become a participant in a global deception. But is there anything wrong with that? False eyelashes, hair extensions, tanning with a solarium, the same make-up and a push-up bra have long been proven products from the female beauty arsenal. In this regard, buttock augmentation panties are no different from other women's tools. Such feminine tricks have always been in their arsenal; you can recall the same foci and bustle.

There is no point in changing the buttocks - this is a part of the body untouched by fashion. Statistics show that buttock augmentation surgeries are becoming more and more popular. The American Aesthetic Surgery Association says that from 2013 to 2014 alone, the demand for implants grew by 83%. Improvement of the breast shape began to be ordered more often by 30%. But you can also refuse an expensive operation with possible complications, choosing a much simpler option in the form of panties with a push-up. If you don't like the result, you can always refuse such underwear.

The push-up effect consists not in an increase in the buttocks, but in their tightening, as is the case with any corrective underwear. The purpose of such underwear is a non-tightening effect. The shape of the buttocks is formed by a special filler soldered into the back of the underwear. These briefs are, in fact, an overhead booty. The main thing here is the increase in volume. The tightening effect is inherent in leggings and tights with push-up, which is achieved due to the reinforced weaving of threads. But in the case of a lack of its own volume, such a lift will not help to form a seductive shape.

The alternative to push-up panties is sports. Can't sport be a substitute for such underwear? It seems that vigorous exercise can pump up the ass. Sport is really important in the life of any person, and push-up panties become an excellent motivator for exercising. As soon as a woman sees how tight dresses, jeans or pencil skirts can sit on her, then there will be an incentive to go in for sports on her own. But not everyone is ready to turn to sports to acquire a beautiful figure. Lack of time due to children, a tendency to thinness, the consequences of operations, age-related lowering of the muscles can also be the reason for choosing shorts with push-pom. And sometimes the effect is needed right "here and now", for a party or a festive event. Women themselves realize that with age it becomes more and more difficult to maintain attractive body shapes, but you always want to remain attractive.

Push-up lingerie is needed only for thin (overweight) women. Do not go to extremes and deny one group of women the right to use push-up panties. Corrective underwear is interesting for women in the body who change the most critical places in their figure. But the flat shape of the buttocks or age-related sagging, loss of shape due to hormonal leaps, pregnancy and childbirth occur not only in obese women, but also in thin women. In fact, the latter also need such underwear. After all, thin women often lack a priest by nature. But round and toned buttocks are in fashion, to which men react. The myth deprives young ladies of the opportunity to wear comfortable panties that would give the priest a flawless shape.

Push-up briefs tighten the skin and disrupt circulation. This myth originates from the history of shaping underwear. It used to be really very uncomfortable. Comfort was sacrificed for the ultimate goal. As a result, women of fashion often had to pay with their health. You can recall at least the famous metal corsets, which, when tightened, squeezed the internal organs and did not allow breathing. Constant wearing of the corset deformed the chest and led to frequent fainting due to lack of oxygen. But those days are long gone. Now women's health is in the first place for lingerie manufacturers. Women of fashion say that soft, seamless underpants with overlays do not fit tightly to the body and do not squeeze it. And seamless technology has created delicate products that can satisfy even the softest and most sensitive skin, which usually suffers from chafing and irritation. Silky panties not only protect the skin, but also form the waist with their belt, redistributing fat deposits.

Push-up briefs scare men away. Women are embarrassed to wear such underwear, believing that there is nothing to brag about and they will be embarrassed to undress in front of a man. But a lover will perceive such panties as another cute feminine thing that she used to turn into a beauty queen. Women do not hesitate to wear jewelry, do not leave the house without hairstyles and makeup, so why should you be afraid to use this method of maintaining an impeccable figure? A real man will only be “for” his girlfriend to use beautiful modeling underwear. Moreover, the lineup includes not only modest flesh-colored options. The catalogs offer really seductive models that will not be ashamed to stay in front of your beloved. Panties can be either modern style and leopard print, or with airy lace. The modern body-sculpting lingerie is really beautiful and should not be ashamed or hidden.

Long-term wearing of panties with push-up does not positively affect the figure. It turns out that wearing panties for a long time leads to the body getting used to a new position. The figure itself is pulled to the desired contour. Lightweight overlays that follow the anatomical structure of the buttocks lift and support them. As a result, after a certain time, you can see the effect of wearing panties. And when creating underwear, special materials are used that massage the skin and create an anti-cellulite effect. The skin becomes better and maintains its tone, fat deposits go away. So the underwear itself not only visually improves the figure, but gradually works on it imperceptibly.

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