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We all remember very well those times when, with the onset of cold weather, we had to spend a lot of time and effort to insulate the windows. Residents of villages and cities together plugged the cracks in the frames with foam rubber (newspapers, rags, etc.) and sealed it with adhesive tape (which in recent years has even been sold in stores, which saved consumers from having to make this very tape on their own, using ingenuity).

But, despite all the measures taken, the cold wind made its way into our homes through the cracks between the frame and the wall, forcing the light curtains on the windows to move, completely expelling heat and causing colds in the chilled residents of "ideally ventilated" apartments. But these days, this state of affairs is gradually becoming a thing of the past.

Plastic windows, which have appeared on the market not so long ago, but have firmly gained popularity among consumers in America, Europe and the CIS, will help make our home more comfortable and cozy at any time of the year. A huge number of myths have been created about these modern structures that reliably protect homes and offices from noise, dust, wind, rain and cold, which we will try to debunk.

Plastic windows are standard in shape and color. Completely erroneous opinion. It's just that the majority of consumers preferred white designs for a long time, which was the reason for this opinion. In fact, plastic window designers can meet the most sophisticated customer needs. For example, profiles can be laminated with colored film (dozens of types of which are offered by companies producing windows). And the shape of the window is not at all limited to the traditional rectangle - from a flexible and elastic profile, you can create windows in the form of a square, arch, circle, oval, etc., thereby embodying any design fantasy into reality.

Plastic windows are not cheap. Indeed, like any quality product, a plastic window has a corresponding cost. However, one should take into account all the pros and cons of installing a structure of this kind in a room. Firstly, the presence of plastic windows reduces the energy loss of the room, in addition, these structures do not require constant maintenance (painting, gluing for the winter, etc.). Secondly, plastic windows are cheaper than wooden ones of similar quality. And, finally, domestic manufacturing firms produce products of a fairly high quality at a very reasonable price.

Plastic windows prevent ventilation of the room. Indeed, plastic windows are more airtight than previously installed wooden structures, providing quite noticeable gaps between the window and the wall. Such "voluntary-compulsory" ventilation led to the appearance of drafts, which, in turn, became the cause of colds for residents and an uncomfortable temperature in the room (especially during severe frosts) even with properly working batteries. Plastic windows reliably protect your home from drafts, low temperatures, rain and wind. However, the rooms will have to be ventilated daily.

Condensation constantly appears on the glass of plastic windows. This is really so, and the reason for this phenomenon is the above-described tightness of structures of this kind. It should be borne in mind that the glasses of any windows - both wooden, and aluminum, and plastic - fog up. And it is not so difficult to avoid moisture condensation on the glass of plastic windows - you just need to ventilate the room at least twice a day for 5 minutes.

The frames of plastic windows turn yellow over time. This is indeed the case when it comes to cheap windows made by small manufacturing companies. It should be remembered that the properties of a plastic structure depend on the presence (or absence) of special additives (additives) used in the production process. If manufacturers save on additives, windows can indeed turn yellow over time. Therefore, it is best to purchase plastic windows from well-known manufacturers with a good reputation in the market for structures of this kind.

European plastic windows are better than domestic ones. Yes, European manufacturers have many years of experience in the manufacture of plastic windows. However, it should be borne in mind that windows designed for the climate of England, Germany or France are not always suitable for regions with more frosty or less stable weather. It is best to opt for domestic manufacturers using technologies from leading European firms. In addition, many foreign companies open their factories in various countries, while adapting production to the appropriate climate - their products are also worthy of your close attention.

Plastic windows are harmful to health, because lead and PVC are used in the production process. Indeed, the above substances are present in the structure, but how harmful are they to health? After all, for example, the aforementioned lead is also used in the production of crystal (and its share in the crystal is much higher than in plastic profiles). But, despite this, glassware is used everywhere and is not considered harmful to health. And from PVC (polyvinyl chloride), many consumer goods are made, for example, electric kettles, mostly made of the same plastic that is used in the manufacture of windows. And plastic water pipes, furniture parts, etc. have long ceased to be exotic. Here are just teapots and pipes made of plastic, for some reason, we are much less alarmed than a plastic window.

After installing a plastic window, mountains of debris remain. As with any construction work, after the installation of the plastic window, the debris will, of course, remain. But there won't be much of it. And if the installation of plastic windows did not take you by surprise, you should prepare the room for installation work. First of all, you should remove all things from the window sill, free the passage to the window, cover the furniture with something (oilcloth, newspapers, old sheets) so that dust does not settle, and prepare garbage bags. At the same time, keep in mind that the removal of garbage is the responsibility of the installers, therefore this item must be specified in the terms of the contract. Otherwise, you will have to take out the remaining trash yourself.

The more cameras, the warmer the windows. Indeed, the heat-shielding function of the window depends on the number of cameras. But six to seven-chamber windows, which are quite suitable in cold regions (Siberia, the Far North), are not so needed in the middle lane. Three-chambered windows are quite enough, according to the thermal protection of the wall, two bricks thick.

The glossy profile is less dirty and easier to maintain. The matte profile gets dirty a little faster. But, for example, fingerprints are not visible on it, and small scratches are not noticeable. To care for a matte profile, the same detergents are suitable as for a glossy one, and the care itself is quite simple. The only thing to remember about getting rid of pollution from a plastic window is that gasoline, solvent, acid or nitro composition should not be used. These substances can damage the compounds that stabilize the surface of the structure and protect it from discoloration.

Self-cleaning glasses do not need to be washed. This is not entirely true. Neat ™ glass, patented by the American company Cardinal CG Company (Minneapolis), can really be called "naturally cleansing" to some extent. Thanks to double spraying, in the process of which a completely invisible, but extremely thin layer of silicon dioxide and titanium is applied to the glass, the glass becomes smoother, water from its surface evaporates faster, leaving almost no traces. Under the influence of ultraviolet radiation contained in the rays of the sun, titanium dioxide accelerates the decomposition of organic compounds on the glass surface. But mud accumulations are not completely removed. They are only crushed and then easily washed off with water. So the window cleaning procedure will still have to be arranged periodically, although it will require much less effort from the lucky owner of a Neat ™ glass structure. It should also be noted that such glasses have increased light transmittance and a much lower level of reflection than conventional glasses.

Plastic windows provide reliable insulation from any street noise. High-quality plastic windows can really significantly reduce the noise coming from outside. In this sense, double-glazed windows with glasses of different thicknesses or divided into several sections are especially effective - this helps to significantly reduce the resonance phenomenon. However, the sounds of low frequency (the noise of a working jackhammer, tram, traffic hum) will still be heard.

There is a vacuum inside the glass unit. In fact, during the production process, a vacuum is created inside the glass unit, which allows the glass to be pressed as tightly as possible to the frame. But this is not a vacuum.

The highest quality windows are thick, because the air between the glass is the best heat insulator in the world. It is enough to recall the law of convection, which all schoolchildren study in physics lessons: cold air goes down, warm air goes up. Roughly the same thing happens between the glass windows: along the inner glass, air rises, its place is taken by cold, falling along the outer (cold) glass. As a result, air circulation occurs in the space between the glasses, which leads to large heat losses. Manufacturers take this into account and try to keep the distance between the glasses as small as possible. The thickening of the glass unit occurs only due to the greater number of layers of glass (chambers), which naturally increases the price of the product. In addition, it is not at all necessary to buy 5-7-chamber double-glazed windows in our latitudes - 2-3-chamber ones are enough.

The price of plastic windows depends on the size of the structure. Size, of course, does matter, but modern plastic windows consist of several dozen components and are produced using various technologies and equipment. All of the above factors also affect the price of windows.

Argon-filled insulating glass is the best. Most often, this statement can be heard from manufacturers who want to attract the largest number of potential buyers to their product. But, firstly, such a statement is rather difficult to verify, since for this it would be necessary to break the glass and determine with the help of a special device what the spaces between the glasses are filled with. And secondly, the thermal conductivity of gases depends on the pressure to which they are subjected, and not on what kind of gas is used. So, by and large, it doesn't matter what the glass unit is filled with. In addition, it should be borne in mind that the soundproofing qualities of windows, in the glass unit of which are argon, are by no means optimal.

It is not easy to choose high quality PVC windows. It really is. Therefore, intending to update your interior with a brand new PVC window, keep in mind that:

Sometimes the prices for the goods are indicated without VAT, therefore, be sure to specify how much the delivery and installation of the windows you have chosen with all the accessories for them (transition profiles, ebb, window sills, etc.) will cost, including VAT;

Be sure to pay attention to the factory markings (it is located on the inside of the window frame or directly on the profile), which should include a stamp with the name of the manufacturer and a number of numbers (shift number, device number for the production of PVC profiles (extruder), date of manufacture);

You shouldn't blindly trust recommendations of friends or advertisements. It is imperative to find out as much as possible about the manufacturing company (how well known is this company, how long has it been engaged in this type of activity, is it a manufacturer or a dealer, does the dealer have an official agreement with the manufacturer, etc.);

It is imperative to inquire about the manufacturer's guarantee for his product. During the warranty period (which must be at least a year), if the profile is warped, cracked, yellowed, etc., you have the right to file a claim with the company that issued the warranty for this product.

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