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Even among hardworking people there are those who clearly and actively stand out with their attitude to business. However, in reality everything is not so scary, and some myths are simply untenable.

There is no place for joy in the life of a workaholic; all the attention of these people is devoted to work. Usually people who consider themselves normal and insist that workaholics do not know the full taste of life. After all, their entire existence is dedicated to work and gray everyday life. However, let's look at this statement from the other side. It essentially implies that the non-workaholic enjoys life, but outside of their work. And work for him is sheer torment in anticipation of the weekend for rest. Yes, you can often hear in the office: "I'd rather have a weekend", "It's a pity the weekend is over." But a workaholic, unlike such people, gets joy from work. It is to her that these people rejoice, while others only incessantly whine and complain. And who, in the end, enjoys life more - a workaholic who enjoys doing it, or an ordinary person who misses his occupation most of the day? The same applies to the vacation, which ordinary workers have only once a year. Ordinary people wait for this segment as getting rid of their routine, dreaming about it all day long, discussing places of future trips and plans for this month. And for a workaholic, the state of everyday life is quite comfortable, this is his element and how can she get bored?

The life of a workaholic is meaningless because it is all about work. In fact, workaholics are the most purposeful people. After all, they, like no one else, perfectly understand what they are doing and in the name of what. Yes, they can skip gatherings with friends, but that means that there is a weighty reason for this in their eyes. And this is done in the name of a good goal. Imagine how much time is spent on meaningless communication with friends and girlfriends on the phone, sitting in social networks? There are endless discussions of who, how, with whom, why and why. But the discussion of these issues can go on endlessly, repeating from day to day. But endless daily meetings (especially relevant among women) have a direct impact on a career, and at the same time have a negative effect. There is no time left for study, it is spent on friends. And the quality of work suffers noticeably, since the constant receptions of guests are exhausting and do not give an opportunity at home to finish what was not decided at work. In addition, funds will constantly be insufficient, and additional part-time work is impossible for all the same reasons. The life of a workaholic is much more meaningful, it can boast of significant achievements. Such a reverent attitude to work allows you to move up the career ladder, earning good money. While ordinary people live from paycheck to paycheck, workaholics allow themselves travel, cars and apartments, hiring helpers around the house, creating a comfortable living environment for themselves not only within the framework of work.

Workaholics are down-to-earth people who don't want to dream. But real workaholics will not agree with this statement. True workaholics are dreamers. But their approach differs from the unrealizable fantasies of ordinary people, workaholics are active dreamers. They clearly understand not only what they want, but also the ways to make their dreams come true. Everyone knows that in order to achieve any goal, a number of actions must be performed. To work in a large company, you need knowledge of foreign languages, a good diploma and practice or internship. Moving abroad requires knowledge of the local language, knowledge of a demanded specialty, collection of the necessary documents. It is a workaholic who, unlike an ordinary person, knows clearly what and in what order must be done to achieve his goal. Do you know?

Workaholics do not work for the result, but only because of the process itself. This accusation is often directed at workaholics, but in reality it is just ridiculous. After all, the work itself cannot be just a process, it necessarily brings some result. And it is the workaholic who, with his pressure and energy, inexorably brings him closer. Both the required quality and the required time frame are achieved. While laziness is believed to be the engine of progress, the same can be said for workaholism. We can say with confidence that the greatest discoveries in the world were not made by lazy people, but by those who are ardently devoted to their hobby. Thus, accusations of adherence to processes to the detriment of the result can be safely considered unfounded.

Workaholics are greedy and mean people for whom the only value is money. In fact, it is money that helps these people move away from having to think about them all the time, even if it sounds a little strange. Think for yourself, who is more focused on buying an apartment - the one who already has it, or who is just getting ready to buy it? Who thinks more about money - the one who constantly lacks it and thinks where to borrow it this time, or the one who can afford not to think about tomorrow, allowing unrealizable joys for others? And who is ultimately more obsessed with money?

Workaholics are slaves to their position, they cannot understand the thinking of free people. In the eyes of many, workaholics appear as slaves of their attitude to life, since they cannot not just break out on vacation, but even get out on a visit and drink coffee in a cafe. True freedom, in this case, is the opportunity to go wherever you want on the weekend and get rid of thoughts about work for a while from your head altogether. In fact, the scope of the concept "I do what I want" is rather narrow. What can we afford without money? Maybe take a walk in the forest, fly a kite, and go out with friends for a picnic. Yes, that's good, but it gets boring quickly. But a workaholic also has different opportunities - for example, he can get on a plane and spend his weekend in Paris. The difference, you see, is significant. And who in this case is more free in their desires and, more importantly, in the possibility of their realization?

Workaholics are unbearably boring people. This myth is born of the notion that workaholics do what they say about their work. However, does this mean that they are boring? Maybe this is just your perception? It's just that these people are so involved in their activity that it is the whole world for them. But the word "routine" is alien to them, in any case, it does not refer to work at all, but to daily and weekly duties, like cleaning. For workaholics, their work is an interesting place of adventure, new experience and discoveries that occur every minute. This is a construction set, from which the desired success is assembled in small elements every day, this is "Monopoly", which consists entirely of successful deals on the purchase and sale. But we can also mention representatives of many creative professions. Working days of some of them are much more interesting in terms of brightness than weekends and even vacations of many of us. We are talking about musicians, actors, filmmakers and even managers who, according to their duty, communicate with a wide variety of audiences. But there are also persons accompanying tourists who travel with them to different countries. Is it boring here?

Workaholics are people with limited spirituality. One often hears such accusations of lack of spirituality. After all, it seems that for such people, numbers and reports are more important than living people. But in the East, which is considered many times more developed in spirituality to the countries of the West, there are also rational and hardworking people. A striking example is China, where you can survive only by constantly working. And Japan, which ranks high in terms of living standards. And let's leave aside the statistics showing a large number of suicides due to overwork. So, in Russia, the percentage of suicides is also quite high, although the reasons are different here - poverty, social problems, etc. So a paradoxical thing comes out - the most spiritual nations in the world work more than others. It is probably obvious that there should be a place for everything in life - both work and spirituality. And why is it customary to decide that this very spirituality cannot be in work? After all, this activity is far from being just a means of paying with an invoice. In their work, many find opportunities for self-realization, spiritual growth, and also benefit society.

Their families and loved ones suffer from the excessive passion of people for work. Workaholics are accused of leaving them with no time to spend with their loved ones. However, there is another side of the coin - in the opposite case, the family will still suffer, because of the banal lack of money. Many do not understand the emotional anguish of a girl, in whose class all the girlfriends show off fashionable clothes and dolls, and this is simply not available to her. Not everyone can send their children to the pioneer camp, and their vacation is spent at work in the country. As a result, a person consciously comes to the point to start earning money, even while still in the learning process. When classmates live their carefree student years, someone already gets the first work experience, not regretting it later. As a result, such a workaholic will achieve greater success, overtaking even some owners of wealthy and influential parents. Over time, you can change your job not only to a more profitable one, but also to a more beloved one, no one bothers to get one more specialty, in order to more profitably realize oneself from a professional point of view. As a result, the children of such workaholics will not need anything. Let the meetings with the parents be less frequent, but they will be more joyful. But ordinary children will have joy in the fact that their parents are leaving somewhere for a long time. The children of workaholics, on the other hand, will be more free in their choice of study, place of residence and spending their free time.

Workaholics are distasteful to ordinary people due to their obsession with work. Let's tell you a secret, normal people are somewhat envious of workaholics. There are few people in our life who can force themselves to obey discipline and work even when others are resting. Those people who criticize workaholics for their dedication to their work are motivated only by jealousy, and only it. Intolerance makes it difficult to accept the fact that workaholics are not like everyone else. And on Friday nights, these people are much more interested in making work plans for the next week than having fun in a nightclub. On Saturday, after a good sleep, do what is most enjoyable by choosing the right "front".

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